Jun 26, 2009

a winner, & a sneak peak

and the winner is....

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Playing with Dandelions said...
My dream job as a kid was to become a princess/fashion designer/superstar.
Maybe a fashion-designing princess who enjoys the status of a superstar... haha.
Now, anything regarding aesthetics seems to be my dream job. :D
yay Dandelions!! you're the new owner of 4 gift tags! :) Email your address to me at rosas07@msn.com

Reading through the comments made me 1. smile 2. laugh and 3. remember back to all of the dreams I had back then. I must say though, that I always knew I wanted to work with color in some way. After attending school for business, I went back to school for aesthetics. I trained with Aveda while I was living in Hawaii, and quickly became interested in being a makeup artist. But again, it goes back to working with color. Every once in while, I'll take a detour at Target and wonder down the Crayola isle. Just browsing through the many boxes of colored pencils and markers. A sight that still makes me happy....

and the second part of this post, some sneak pics from things I've worked on this month. I'll be linking everything up on the 1st. I'm also doing a sketch this coming month of a layout! My first one... excited! More to come in just a few days!!

Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!!


Danielle said...

Those sneak peaks are FANTASTIC!!!! I can't wait to see them :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I lucked upon your site, but oh my gosh! Your work is supreme and lucious and gorgeous! You're my new crafting inspiration:) I look forward to seeing more of your work. Take care!

meganklauer said...

I too just came across your blog and am so glad I did! Holy Moly, you got talent girly! Love your stuff! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hello Tara, my name is Sayaka and live in Tokyo. I happened to find your amazingly beautiful pictures and crafts. The moment I saw them, I immediately bacame a fan of you:)

You are super duper great!

Um, may I ask you a question?
I'd like to buy fabric or scrapbooking paper like your colors or pattern. I just went to the US and bought things for crafts but couldn't buy enogh...I can not buy those colors and patterns here in Tokyo (we only have boring ones...).
If you know any online stores that I can buy those items even if they don't ship it to Japan, could you please tell me?

Here is my email address; sayakaterui@yahoo.com

If you could let me know any stores, I would be very appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this and hope you keep making beautiful crafs! They make me very happy, I even forget to blink my eyes:)