Feb 21, 2010

a quick hello,

I've been popping in here and there. A little time on Flickr, a little time on Facebook, but I've been spending most of my time being crafty. This past week I managed to start and finish a few new layouts, a journal, a mini album, and a note-pad. I love weeks like that! I have one last project to finish and then I'll be able to spend some time catching up on blogs, and photos.

I did want to share a couple of photos. I did a post this summer about caring for Orchids. They are the only flower and can keep alive!!

**For example, I purchased one of those Amaryllis bulbs for Christmas, (you know, the ones you can buy at Target for about $10,) and they're suppose to be fool-proof? Well, I grew it for 4 weeks and no flower!! Alaina was crushed. My green thumb seems to be out of order.**

Back to Orchids. Mine are making their way back!! They seem to bloom about every 6 months, so the one Peter gave me for our anniversary back in July is ready to bloom this week. I'm a lucky girl... flowers in February!! sweet!

and Alaina's little orchid is busy growing a new stem. It should be ready to bloom next month. She's been anxiously watching it's progress! :)

I'm a flower girl at heart :))


Marie said...

Orchids are my fav flower ever! I have 6 right now. I use to have a lot more yrs back but life got in the way and they all died lol! My lady slipper in my kitchen has a bloom and I am soo proud. My husband just bought me another lady slipper green and white bloom...OMG my fav by far. :)

Lisa Russell said...

I just killed my orchid from this year. I don't know, I either water it too much or too little! I remember your post about them. I did have one that grew for quite a while, then I was gone and my husband overwatered it and killed it. So sad. My mom used to raise African Violets. That was her flower, and she would have a few orchids also. I will have to get another one soon. ;-)

Joanna said...

Unfortunately...I can never keep flowers alive long enough to enjoy. But orchids are super pretty.

Just wondering, will you be re-opening With A Twist any time soon. I just love your stuff. :o)

Jan's camera said...

How do you get the orchids to bloom again. I had one once and I kept it for a year but it never flowered again so I threw it out. What is the secret to get it to bloom again. Thanks.

Angie U. said...

Amaryllises take longer than 4 weeks. I plant one in my classroom every year and it takes a good 6-8 weeks to get a flower, but it's worth it because they're huge and the kids think they're amazing.
Your orchids are beautiful!