Feb 7, 2011

Monday's Menu

I'm happy to report that Monday is almost over. I've made out a weekly to-do list.... it's bigger than huge this week. It doesn't seem like a good idea to be overly busy in a shorter than average month, but I'm going for it just the same!

Here's my menu plan for the week.

Left-overs (helps to clean out the fridge)

Grandma's 8hr. Spaghetti Sauce (I make alot of it, but it really does take about 8 hours to cook!)
Garden Salad

Turkey Meatballs
Brown Rice
Sauteed Peas & baby Carrots
Roasted Button Mushrooms

Chicken Fajitas
salad w/ fresh salsa
3 bean salad

Grilled Chicken Pita Salad
French Onion Soup

Herb rubbed Petite Steak
Strawberry Spinach Salad
toasted baguette with garlic/chive butter

Sunday is still up for debate... I'll come back and fill it in when something sounds good! I watched a couple of good cooking shows last week on food network. One was the Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. Oh-my!! I'm in love with this series! The food was inspiring and I love the concept of the show. It's so worth staying up late to watch!!


Keshet said...

Sounds like a good spread!

Patty said...

Can I come over and have some of grandma's sauce?? :) hehe