Jun 15, 2013

Saturday Color Combination

Hello again! 

 I thought this weekend needed a pretty color combination! Since summer is in full swing here, it means I'm spending more time inside and that means more time to be creative! Jessica asked me last month "Tara, I miss your color wires, when are you going to do another one?" (Sometimes even the best ideas just need a break!) So, I put one together last month, completely forgot about it until yesterday when I wanted to do a little scrapbooking and needed some color inspiration.


coral - peach - sea glass- dove grey 

Black and white stripes, pastels and a gold nautical embellishment - sure, why not! There are so many fun trends going on in scrapbooking right now, I love the randomness of it all and how un-matchy things are. Then there are some trends that I think I will never grow tired of; black & white stripes, ink splatters my type writer and sewing machine. What are your most loved trends right now or ones that you've held onto over the seasons? 

I also wanted to share this last month, but time got away from me! I sent off a little package of collected things, all inspired by a color combination. This one went to Jessica, a belated birthday present that included some of the brightest fabric I've ever seen! It's a fun way of sending crafty stuff to a friend!  

and here's a little peek of a page that I did for a fun sketch challenge! I'll be posting the details this coming week on where to find the challenge. I'm excited about this layout too, I typically have a hard time using sketches and I don't think I've ever created a layout that uses 5 photos, so it was a double win for me with this layout! :) 

and now that school is out and I'm not in the classroom anymore, I've been filling my days with going to the gym (yep, never thought I'd hear those words out of my mouth or that I really like it too!), summer cooking (super light healthy meals and tons of salads) scrapbooking and playing with some new products for etsy. 

The newest collection for the shop is called Market Place, lot's of vintage and office type supplies for scrapbooking and journaling. I'm working on some simple summer office paper journals for this summer's vacations, just little places to take notes and record the happenings from each day. 

I've also taken on the largest scrapbooking venture ever (for me anyways): a custom wedding scrapbook - 20 pages of dark blue - white - kraft - and light teal and just a tiny bit of red. (I love those colors together!) I figure I need to spend all of next week working to finish it up in time for the kids and I to go on vacation. Just 15 more days til vacation ~ let the count down begin.

Enjoy your weekend! xo~  tara


Ashley Calder said...

Seriously love everything you do. Everything. Love it. Serious. :)

Anastasia said...

inspiring Tara - everything looks so lovely!