Aug 12, 2013

a quick getaway

You know that old saying "I need a vacation from my vacation?" Well this summer, I decided that was indeed what I was going to make happen and 2 days after we returned from a 3 and a half week vacation, I packed up another rental car and Peter and I headed out to Pinetop, Arizona. For one weekend we gladly traded our flat desert horizon for layered mountains, tall saguaro cactus for towering pines and dusty tumble weeds for fields of dainty wildflowers. 

Since Peter had scheduled a whole day of fishing it left me with a whole day to visit a few antique stores, watch a couple of dvds and wander the nearby forest, and like clockwork, each afternoon was marked by a spectacular thunder & lighting storm followed by a few hours of rain. After the storms roll through if you time it just right, the forests are backlit with the most amazing glowing yellow light... 3 days of clouds and thunderstorms - the weekend couldn't have been more perfect!

This was the view from our back patio, I kept peeking out hoping to see deer walk through!  

Next up on my to-do list? All of those vacation photos from California and Oregon, there are so many, which isn't a bad thing but a very tedious process when it comes to editing! 

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and a good start to the week! 


Bonnie said...

What amazing photo's! Looks like you had a lovely time!

Helen said...

Beautiful photos tara! Your break sounds lovely :) x

Helen @

Ashley Calder said...

SUCH beautiful photos. :)
Looking forward to seeing some of them on some equally-beautiful projects. :)