Feb 13, 2009

I am..

sick.......again. How does one catch 2 colds in 2 months? Luck I suppose, mixed with a little talent. I've traded catching up on emails for sleep. Chase is also sick, it makes for a very long and tiring day. If you're waiting on an email, it's coming, hopefully this weekend. (Sunday & Monday) I'm off to make some more peppermint tea and start a pot of chicken noodle soup.


Danielle said...

YOUCH...I hope you feel better soon! That really sucks that you and your little sweetie are sick. I hope that the rest of your family don't catch it :(

Get well soon :D and thanks for the great comments about my layouts ~ you're a sweetheart!!!

Jennifer said...

Sick sucks! Hope you feel better soon. that Airborne stuff works great for me.