Feb 21, 2009

If life worked as a drive up window..

this is how my order would sound:

I'll take 3 cases of Bronchitis, (1 for me and each of the kids) 3 trips to the doctors and pharmacy, 4 boxes of tissues, and 2 breathing treatment machines.

will that complete your order?

No, actually can you add one large sinus infection for me too. Thanks


It does kind of make me laugh when I think about how bad this past week has been. It's been very eventful, both good and bad. I had lots of time to think while I was sick and suppose to be sleeping. (Thank the heavens above that my husband is as helpful as he is!! He's a good little nurse to us when we're all sick!) It seems though that we're slowly getting over it. Chase and Alaina are on meds and are doing breathing treatments every 4 hours. Two little kids sick at the same time has been quite the adventure..... one I'm hoping I won't be going back on any time soon!

I had time to complete a huge little mini book! (if that makes sense) I've been making these only as custom orders for almost 4 and 1/2 years now, and this one is the first non-custom book I've made. A first time for everything!! A few photos:

I added in a little blank notebook, because I know that I'm always looking for something to write on when I have an amazing idea (in my opinion of course). Color combos, scrapbook page sketches, ideas for embellishments.... my list could go on and on!

I'm already planning the next book I want to make for myself. I need to reorganize the studio and then I will disappear for a week and reemerge with a brand new book! I'm also trying to talk the husband into taking a day trip somewhere sort of close by. I have a bit of cabin fever being stuck inside so much. I would love to drive up to Sedona or even Prescott, but I think we shall wait until Spring when the forests are green again! Maybe just a quick trip to the lake this weekend. :))


iMotylek said...

I hear you! I am soooo sick of the inside. I need to go on a little trip too. I love your work. You are very talented!

Debbie F. said...

=( sorry you and the littles were so sick!! It was here, too. ugh!