Aug 10, 2009

Let's Talk Orchids

This post is for Jessica in Utah, who asked if I had any tips about growing orchids, which I just happen to!

I adore flowers, but was not graced with a green thumb. Quite the opposite actually, as I can't keep any flower or plant alive for more than just a day a two, at best. With the rare exception of orchids. Go figure! I now have a little collection of orchids that I've received as gifts over the past 5 or 6 years. Here's some notes I've made on how I keep my orchids alive, growing and re-blooming.

1. I keep my orchids on a table next to a window, where they have lots of indirect sunlight all day.

2. I only water my orchids once a week in the winter, and once every 5 days in the summer. (I'm convinced that my orchids don't like getting water on their leaves, so if I spill any water on them, I dabbed it off with a paper towel. My daughter likes to tell me 'it's because they are sensitive' :)

3. How much water? I use 2-3 oz. of room temperature tap water for the small orchids, and 3-4 oz. of water for the larger orchids.

4. My orchids only bloom once a year, however, they grow lots of new roots and leaves in between blooming. I keep their leaves clean by taking a lightly damp cloth and wiping any dust away. *I also remove any leaves that have turned yellow too*

It really is that easy! I think keeping orchids on a consistent watering schedule is key, and finding an indirect-sunny location for them will insure orchid growing success. It has for me! (The photos are of Alaina's orchid from this past Spring, the flowers are gone, but it has since grown 2 new roots and 1 leaf!)

Happy Orchid Keeping! xo ~ Tara


jessica said...

Thank you so much! This is very helpful. I don't know that my apartment these days has enough light, but I will bookmark this and begin my growing when I move to a sunnier home. Thanks again!

Alison said...

Oh orchids. Aren't they the best/most frustrating? I keep on moving mine outside when the A/C is on. Of course, this last time, a rotten squirrel took a BIG bite out of one of the leaves.

A friend told me to crush up eggshells for orchid food. Mine seems to be thriving on that.

Charlotte said...

I water my orchids with rainwater collected in an old bowl. I dunk the orchid in its pot for about 5 seconds and then leave them to drain.
Happy growing!