Aug 14, 2009

sweet distractions

Did you see the giveaway on the SEI blog? Who doesn't love the chance to win cute scrapbook stuff!!

One of my favorite photos from this week.

I was doing laundry, and then got a little distracted by a stack of pretty books and warm lighting. A girl can daydream right? and I started to update my shop!! So many ideas and so little time. I'll be working on updating my store all weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned! I think mine will include lots of swimming and watermelon! xo~ Tara


Antonia said...

What lovely posts over at SEI! I love their blog and how it focuses on beauty everywhere in life, not just in scrapbooking. Have a fantastic weekend! I can't wait to see what cute, new delights you add to your shop :)

Alicia said...

I adore that photo of the little Eiffel Tower.
I have been having a really awful and unlucky two weeks lately. Almost everything that can go wrong has and seeing your updates, photos, and projects has really brightened my days this week. I appreciate all the inspiration and sunshine you and your work has brought me lately!
Your French Market Vintage Journals are fantastic, I am loving them!

Beth Perry said...

Saw the giveaway! Love that layout!
And the shop items look yummy! Def going to check them out! :D

Alison said...

Thanks for the link! I love your site; it's so pretty. I can't wait to click around....