Jan 4, 2012

taking a break

I'm taking a little break this afternoon. I have packed 10 boxes today. That's it? Only 10? Surely I've been able to accomplish more than just a measly 10 boxes. Even I was surprised to re-count and realize that no, 10 really is the magic number. Man.... packing is a total pain in the rear and where is all the cool stuff people are always exclaiming that they unearthed while packing? So far, I've found bupkiss - nada - nothing. Unless you believe finding a petrified scorpion, that met it's death in the corner of our garage, the find of the decade.... because I sure don't!

I crawled back into Peter's side of the bed this morning and told him to please wake me in exactly 11 days after we've moved into the new house. I want nothing more to do with the packing part of this move.

Ok, so when I say I've not found anything good, maybe that's an over exaggeration, I have found some fun forgotten stuff in the back of the bookcase and closet. Like my notebooks I wrote in back when Peter and I were first dating. It was cute skimming over their content. Nine years later here we are. :) I found photos I had forgotten about and more notebooks. I actually tossed 11 filled notebooks. I'm pretty proud of myself for that. I still have about 20 more notebooks that I think I may end up keeping. I also think I write too much.

I've been so lucky to have lived in the same house for the past 10 years. Must not forget that!


Jill said...

This post title scared me for a moment -- I thought you were going to take a break from blogging, or scrapping, or both! Nooooo!

Good luck with the move!

Traveling Mama said...

As someone who has lost count of my moves (or just in denial!) I understand the dread of a move. I also love the excitement of unpacking on the other side and I hope you will feel that too! All of my friends think I'm crazy because I LOVE packing. Maybe it was God's survival mechanism! Best wishes as you pack!

Bonita Rose said...

Hubby and I hope to move down south in a year or two... and yes, moving is a lot of work.. we're both not looking forward to that part of it.. I can totally relate to you! xo hugs hang in there!

AnastasiaC said...

goodluck with your move!! i hope we can find a new home this year...fingers crossed!