Apr 9, 2012

Easter re-cap

Yesterday was so much fun and super busy all at the same time! We hosted Easter dinner at our house this year and as I went searching through my blog and Flickr for photos of past Easters, I didn't find anything! Hard to believe but I tend to be so busy on holidays that taking photos isn't even a passing thought in my mind. I need to remember to put someone in charge of taking photos at the next family get together. :)

We left out carrots for the Easter bunny but inside of leaving them outside for him, Alaina insisted that we should put them in a China dish and leave them inside "so he won't get all grossed out." She woke us up at 6am on Sunday to tell us that he ate almost all of the carrots! After excitingly tearing apart their Easter baskets (and showing the kids next door) we held our Easter Egg hunt out back. This year I decided to mix in a few plastic eggs in with the 18 eggs the kids had colored the night before. I filled some of the plastic eggs with candy, money (Chase's favorite eggs) and teeny-tiny toys. I think I'll do this again next year, it was a big hit with the kids! 

I'm also adding my menu so I have a reference for next year. I started cooking on Saturday and I try to do all of the prep-work the day before so that dinner is as effortless as possible!

 Easter menu

Hot Artichoke & Spinach Dip - baked pita chips
Apple Dip - Green Apples
Guacamole - tortilla chips
Deviled Eggs
Vegetable Platter

Apricot Glazed Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Sauteed Peas w/ toasted almonds
Sauteed whole Green Beans w/ garlic
Orange Mandarin Salad
Spinach Salad w/ strawberry, feta & onions
Sweet Rolls - Wheat Rolls

infused water, lemon and cucumber w/ mint
sparkling cider
nectarine tea

Coconut Macaroons
Mini Carrot Cakes w/ cream cheese frosting & grated carrot
Strawberry Jam cookies

*a before and after shot*

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families this year!


Punctuation Mark said...

those carrot cakes look delicious and so cute!

karin c said...

Hi there - i wondered if you would be willing to share where you got the adorable carrot cake
cups from? karin

Tara Anderson said...

Hi Karin! I found those at a Marshalls/Home Goods store!

karin c said...

Thank you so much! Def a little trip to Temecula to see what i can find!