Apr 6, 2012

hello April!

I know, it's been awhile - but with good reason! Last month, I took a long look at that to-do list I had in front of me and decided that in order to really get anything done I was going to have to focus and get moving. Since the move I haven't really felt that I put the house on the top of my priority list, I seemed to put everything else on the list but not so much the house. So, I cut back on a few things (phone time and time spent on the computer) and really poured myself into making our house feel more like home. With the exception of the kitchen and one bathroom, I think I'm about finished with the house and it couldn't be better timing because I'm hosting Easter at my house this year! I did manage to photograph the entry room today, which also happens to be my favorite room in the house, and I plan on sharing those photos after Easter! - but here's a peek!

So in between all of the house stuff, I managed to squeeze in some time for Crate Paper. At the end of last month I posted my It's a Wrap post and today is my April Color Challenge. It's been 1 year, this month, since taking over the color challenges for the Crate blog! I wish I had noticed that before yesterday as I had a celebration theme in mind for the challenge! This month, I went the route of traveling/vacations as my inspiration and created a color palette that I swore I would never do... almost a primary color combination. Ordinarily, I hate the combination of primary colors with a passion! It reminds me of comic books but I thought if I were to tweak the colors a bit, maybe, I would be able to work with them. I was right! The combination of light blue, a medium yellow and a pinky red mixed with a heavy does of bright white was all it took! Who knew? I created 2 framed artwork pieces, one for the entry way and one for Alaina's room.

If you have a chance to scrapbook this coming week, get out your Crate Paper and play along! The kids have the day off of school today and we have plans to finish some last minute dish shopping before the cooking marathon kicks off on Saturday! I am so excited for Easter this year!!


Bonita Rose said...

these are beautiful.. love your style gf.. u make everything so so beautiful.. and your home looks amazing!

Bonnie said...

Love the neutral color combination of your home! Is that a pink orchid I spot in the background? beautiful pieces of art too!

chris said...

What's it like to be so creative?

Anonymous said...

Then happy birthday to your color challenge! I just love what to do for CP... and I must say that your tallent shines in your home too. Congrats!