Oct 11, 2012

Halloween Treat Bags- 2

Since there's still a couple of weeks until Halloween, there's still some time to think about creating some handmade treat bags for your little trick or treaters! This year I was determined to make mine from materials that I already had on hand. No more buying stuff! So, that meant some rummaging through my craft room and closet, and a trip to the bookshelf. What I decided on was a can't-get-any-simpler design that used only 2 materials and one technique! 

Trick-or-Treat bags

Materials needed:

book pages from an older(ish) book 
black scrapbook paper 
sewing machine
*party favors or candy

a quick how to: 

- carefully remove pages from the text book. The advantage to using a vintage book is that the binding and glue will also be equally as old and the pages tend to slip out easily, plus I love the yellowing of the pages-it lends that old eerie feel to the treat bags.

- create the bat wings by first making a stencil of the size you would like the wings to be. Then trace your stencil onto the black scrapbook paper and cut out wings. 

- decide on how large you would like each bag to be. To make the large bags, I used 2 sheet of book paper and sewed them together to form a pocket/bag. To make a small bag, I simply folded one sheet of paper in half and sewed the outside edges together to form the bag. *Don't forget to sew the wings into place! 

Now you get to decide what treats to fill the bags with! 

I had alot of party favors left over from Halloween's past. So, the kids and I sorted through our stash and made 2 groups, 1 group of favors for the large bags and 1 group for the small bags. 

The larger bags were filled with tattoos, paper airplanes, pencils, game books, erasers, random plastic Halloween toys, rings and paper bat confetti. 

The smaller treat bags were filled with bracelets, rings, stickers, and little packages of candy corn - that was Chase's contribution, apparently candy corn is a must have for the 4 year old crowd. I should probably also mention that the candy corn is not left over from past Halloween's, but rather an impulse purchase by said 4 yr. old at the grocery store this week. 

Once you've filled each bag fold the tops over and staple close.  I have to admit that I really do enjoy seeing them all neatly lined up in my urn and I know I'll miss seeing them sitting out on the table come November 1st, but it's a double win for being able to use up the Halloween favor stash and for repurposing an old book!

Well, that really is all there is to it - I told you id would be super simple! You're only a couple of steps away from creating a whole bunch of these cute handmade treat bags for Halloween this year! 

Happy crafting this weekend! 

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cococricketsmama said...

just adorable idea for bags!!!