May 7, 2013

Balboa and the Beach

 With every new place we visit, it offers a chance to discover something new, something inspiring, something pretty and photo worthy. This trip, and this maybe true for other vacations taken prior to, there are 2 things that seem to draw me in: 

1. Gardens   and   2. Architecture 

I've always loved the history of old buildings, the carving details, the angles and at certain parts of the day - how the light creates intricate shadows over the buildings face. We had hoped we were going to be able to see more while visiting, but that heat over there quickly got the best of us and we found we weren't moving all that fast. So, this trip turned out to be more of a strolling along the beach, evenings walking along the harbor with frozen yogurts in hand and incredible views from our hotel room!.

Here's our hotel! We stayed in the tower on the left, all the way up on the 23rd floor. The kids were amazed with the lights in the evening time - wait until I take them to Vegas! Our room overlooked the hills to the left and the harbor and the Coronado bridge on the right. When we arrived the kids were greeted with a s'more kit and wooden sticks, the hotel has fire pits that light up in the evening especially for roasting marshmallows. Needless to say Alaina and Chase both think this hotel is the best! 

We spent some time at Balboa park, but later ditched our plans to go up to the zoo and instead spent the afternoon at the Science Center (which happens to be air conditioned!!). They have a good dinosaur exhibit and even a few Ansel Adam photographs on display.... and it was air conditioned. It's almost embarrassing to say, living in a town that can reach 120 in summer time, but  combine a little humidity with sun & heat and we were done for. The museum was a great break though from the sun and I was impressed with the hands on exhibits. 

I brought my trusty ole Anscoflex along for the trip. Love-love using that old camera, and I forget how fun it is until I get my little light box set up on it and start shooting through the view finder. Even though I look ridiculous taking the photos, sitting here editing them makes it worth it! I love how 'grainy' they are. I don't think I've used this camera all year and it now has quite the collection of dust to work with. :)

We spent our last night in Oceanside right on the harbor. Funny, it's just a 40 min. trip north of where we were, but it was overcast, cool and breezy, perfect for searching the beach for treasures! 

First trip to San Diego, not too shabby!
xo ~ Tara


joyce rodli said...

Glad you had lotsa fun.

Anonymous said...

Tara, great pics as usual. Next time you go there check out Paradise Point hotel. Our family can't get enough of that place.