Apr 30, 2013

San Diego, positive thinking and some clothes

I am spending the day packing suitcases! Last summer my power of positive thinking won me a trip for 2 to San Diego, at a pretty hotel and a night time dinner/dance cruise. What's "power of positive thinking" you say? Let me explain. 

It's simple really, years ago I got into the habit of talking to myself, you know, when you're at home all day and your kids aren't really able to hold whole conversations, and you end up asking questions out loud and then you also answer them? Well, that was me. Except, as I would see something I'd like, or read about something I'd like to do, want to win..... etc. I would say it out loud and kind of picture it happening. It didn't take long before some of those random things that I wanted starting happening for me and I was slow to connect it and just thought that I had really good luck or it was a coincidence. But then, I'd say things like "I'd like to be on "xyz desing team" or "I'd like to win tickets to that concert" and a few weeks later I'd be merrily going about my morning routine checking my inbox and there would be an invitation to join the design team I wanted or an email telling me to pick up tickets I had won at the will-call booth. Too mnay good things were happening to just be a pure coincidence.  

Call it wishful thinking, or really good luck, I like to call it my power of positive thinking! Here's what it doesn't seem to work on though:

the lottery (don't bother, tried it, doesn't work)
major health issues (don't wait, go to the Dr.)
apparently it doesn't work either when you find a great house and the sellers back out
I'm sure there are other things, I just haven't wished for them yet :)

You have to be careful too. I use to say, I'd like to be published with "xyz magazine" and most of the time, invitations would show up and I was happy to be doing what I wanted. Like that time I said "I'd like to be in a particular blogging magazine" and then when I got the email, I realized it was alot of work and I didn't really want to do it, I just wanted to be asked to contribute. (There's a big difference!) So, be careful of what you wish for, I think I wasted a 'wish' with that magazine when I could have used it for something else! 

Back to San Diego. Last summer one of the radio stations was holding an online contest, a weekend hotel getaway, plus some other cool stuff but odds of winning - not so good. You could only enter once but that isn't a problem when you use some positive thinking. I said outloud 'I'd like to win and go to San Diego' (who wouldn't right? but mainly because Peter and I both have never been - and we call ourselves Californians, shameful!) and then I forgot about it because the contest was open for like 3 months. So, I went about my summer and forgot about the contest. Until I got a call from the radio station saying I won. Positive thinking at it's finest. - and this isn't even the first vacation trip I've one either! I'm getting good at being positive!  

So here's what I'm packing along with a few cameras and a beach bag full of sand buckets, swim suits and bright colored beach towels! Oh yeah, instead of a romantic getaway for 2 we decided to bring the kids along and make it a family vacation!
                                   weekend away

Now, like I tell my friend Jessica, if you wish for something and it doesn't happen, it doesn't mean that you suck at positive thinking. I just tell myself, when something doesn't manifest the way I would have wanted, that 1. it wasn't meant to be or 2. I didn't really need it and I move on and try to stay in a positive frame of mind! 

You have to believe in order to achieve

- and that my friends, will be the cheesiest thing you will ever read on my blog

xo ~ Tara

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Helen C said...

fabulous and inspiring post tara! ;) :) Xx