Oct 9, 2014

Vintage Inspired Halloween Award Ribbons ~ Gossamer Blue Tutorial

It must be said: October is one of my favorite months! 

For this month's blog post over at Gossamer Blue I knew I wanted to do something Halloween themed. The problem was just deciding what I was going to make. :)  I played with a few ideas but kept coming back to crepe paper rosettes, and the idea of making them into vintage inspired award ribbons just seemed like the right fit! Plus I would get to pull out all of my decorations and set up the front entry table! (It's so exciting to see all of your stuff again after being packed away for 11 months!) 

Since Alaina is now in 5th grade, she's no longed able to participate in the Halloween parade at school, but as I suspect, she'll still want to wear something special for the Holiday.  We have plans to pin a very large award ribbon to her for the day, and I whipped up a few extras for friends. She chose the largest one of course, the Wicked Witch! 

I posted a tutorial for how to create the rosettes on the Gossamer Blue blog. It's really simple and the rest of the award ribbon will come together quickly using things that are probably already in your stash of scrapbook supplies! I made my rosettes from crepe paper, book pages and clothing pattern tissue. The tutorial is super basic and hopefully easy to follow and once you've made one you're going to want to make more! 

I made Peter drop me off at the Dollar Store so I could run in a pick up a few crows for my table. At only a $1 each, they are the perfect little starting point for a Halloween DIY! I made tiny fringed party hats (made with the left over book paper from the rosettes) and then added a little rhinestone necklace and flower. I think a whole group of dressed up crows would be super cute especially if they were perched in some cut tree branches! 

Have you started to decorate for Halloween? I know Chase and Alaina are ready, we're just waiting for the rain to let up and then we'll set out to create a pretty Halloween porch! 

xo~ Tara


Brittany Fry @ The 26th of August said...

Omg these are so cute and I am already racking my brain on how many different things these could be made for!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Renee Sendelbach said...

As always...SO cute!!

j. wilson said...

love! yer little party crows remind me of my mamos. she used to make little hats for random things...owl bookends, iron cats...dolls. sweet!