Nov 1, 2014

Gossamer Blue ~ November +Color Wire & Etsy

I'm really liking this theme idea each month. It makes the creative process go a little faster. The hardest part though this month was coming up with the name. Believe it or not, 'Southwest Pastels' actually took some time to think of... my brain is on a creative overload this week from Halloween preparations, class parties, and time spent looking at houses, there is no creativity left. I used it all up this week. So, I'll throw it out there, feel free to leave me an idea for a better name for this post. 

The concept however, is one that I love. A clean Southwest feel with lots of pretty pastels and tiny potted cactus plants! Keep scrolling down to see what I came up with this month for Gossamer Blue!

I'll start with my favorite project first! This past weekend our friends daughter turned one and had a little birthday party to celebrate. I always like to show up with at least one gift that is hand made. (I think people might expect it to) but it makes gift giving seem a little more personal. So, I took a photo album that I've had stashed away for years and decided that I would make a simple photo book. Just a place where mom could add photos to, but not necessarily have to scrapbook them. Quick and easy! 

This month's kits use lots of Maggie Holmes products like these cute embellished tags! I pre cut about 20 small pages and embellished half of them with tags, typed sayings, a few journal cards and a couple of sewn sequin packets. 

I let the kids each pick out a gift for Kinsey as well. True to form, Chase went with a toy and Alaina chose little girl clothes for her. (I forgot how cute baby girl clothes are!) Wrapping the clothes was as easy as finding a box and I wanted the gift wrap to match: light muted colors and simply embellished. Just some vintage lace, a few tags and a pair of feathers. 

and the tiny birthday card I made 

More Maggie Holmes stuff! I love brads and if you break the prongs off of the backs, you can glue them to almost anything! I made a little memory board using one of my favorite color combos right now: coral-navy blue-gold and turned the brads into push-pins. 

There are still a few more projects to post but they'll have to wait until mid-month. I also want to do a few Fall craft tutorials throughout the month in a similar style. I was telling a friend of mine that I think I'll finally embrace of Southwest Fall season (or lack of one) and add a twist to all of the traditional themed crafts. Kind of excited about seeing all these ideas I've been scribbling down coming to life this month! 

It's back! My color wire that is. It's been quite some time since I've put one together but last month I started playing around with some color ideas and decided to put together some different combinations. Ultimately this is the one I would use and one that inspired a collection of new products for my etsy shop: Citron Faire

black raspberry ~ peach sand ~ carnation pink ~ army green ~ spiced gingerbread

Thank you so much for stopping in today! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and enjoy your weekend! ~ Tara


I'm Sara. said...

You are pure loveliness. It is such a treat for me when you post your creative ideas! Here's how I know you are a true creative....when I see your pictures I sit and stare for a while, taking it all in.

Thank-you for being a breath of fresh air on the internet :)

Bonita Rose said...

You are amazing.

Ann Marie Merlino said...

Oh Tara, I took a break from scrapbooking and I'm back today and I realized how much I have missed your work -- TRULY TRULY missed it!!!

Ashley Calder said...

So pretty. I can't get enough of anything you do!!!

white link said...

so inspiring ... u can make anything look pretty ...
can u pl tell us which camera you use ??/

Neusinha said...

Tudo, tudo, absolutamente Lindo!