Nov 20, 2009

Kitsch love

Thought I would share a couple of projects that I've made recently for Kitschy Digitals. I got to use the Wood Grain cut-out sheets and I think I'm in love with woodgrain! They are so lovely, with soft muted colors and sharp detail. The frames are available Kitschy Digitals.

I made a thankyou gift for a family friend and then found this cute Martha Stewart gift box. It's tiny!! The feather accents are also available as cut-out sheets at Kitschy Digitals.

I'm learning to love velum all over again!!! (remember how popular it was when scrapbooking first started?)

& finally a tiny canvas frame was the perfect size for altering. I love little projects!! I glued alpha. letters to the canvas and then applied thick coats of paint. I used the smallest sized frame on the cut-out sheet for this project.

I want to make a few holiday inspired tags using some of the cutout sheets and maybe some gift adornments.... oh the possibilities!


Beth Perry said...

ahhhhhhhhhh I just love looking at your art. so gorgeous, so creative, so lovely!!

NicNacManiac said...

I just breath a large 'sigh' whenever I look at your work...breathtaking!!

Patty said...

Your stuff just blows me away, so gorgeous!!! You really do inspire and provide me with eye candy galore. Love it!!!

jeremy said...

obvi its all amazing. but that canvas is so lovely. b-ea-utiful!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What's not to love? Very clever. Just thought you would like to know that Tami over at Cupcake Studio did an interview on my blog and listed your site as one of her must-reads! I can see why.
-- Jodi

L'Hélène said...

That frame is so cute! La dee dah, LOL

elizabeth said...

oh my gosh!
the canvas!
and love what you did with the velum.

great blog btw :)