Aug 11, 2010

Dreams of India, mini

I created a kit for my shop called Dreams of India. Obviously very inspired by the colors of India, but there's a story behind this kit too!

Last summer, while roaming up and down the isles of an antique store, I found an old package of vintage tin elephants. I knew I had to have them, even if at the time I had no idea what I would ever do with little painted metal elephants, they were just too unique to pass up. So, the elephants have sat in the bottom of an old suitcase, just waiting for the perfect idea to come along, for the past year.

Then..... last month, while sitting in a waiting room, there was a local photographers work , on exhibit, against one of the walls. Her photos was from a recent trip to India, and one of the most striking photographs was of an Indian elephant in full costume dress. Bright flower leis draped around it's neck and layers of textured blankets covered it's back. It was truly one of the most beautiful photographs I've seen lately, and the perfect inspiration I needed to put together a mini scrapbook!

It really is true, inspiration can be found anywhere!!

I would have loved using this kit as a travel journal,... but since we visit the zoo so often, I decided to make mine an animal themed mini and use a mix of photos. I just have to add a little journaling and a few more photos and then it should be complete!

I only made 3 of these kits, mainly because I only had an extra 3 tin elephants. I'll be adding these to my shop tonight at 7pm my time (mountain time.) Since I've had more people ask for a kit, than I have actual kits, I decided not to hold any of them and just to put them in the shop. ((I have a terrible guilty conscious and would feel bad if someone thought I was playing favorites. Sorry!))


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! My gosh Tara, your talent is endless!

Danielle said...

I agree with creative talents are definately endless! What a GORGEOUS mini-album :D I would LOVE to goto India one day just to see all of those gorgeous colors everywhere & anywhere <3

Unknown said...

got a kit! yayay!!!!
love your mini! so inspirational! I can't wait to play with the kit! :D

Anonymous said...

love all the bright colours you have put in your work! inspiration indeed.

Kateyed said...

Those colors are fantastic but your work is just unbelievable. What a treat!


Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on this Tara...this little wonderful mini scrapbook is caught my bright and reminds me of my summer safari in Kenya this year...only its much much more colourful...its beautiful!!! love love your work...

Maneet x

dani said...

Ooohh, I'm so sad I missed out on this, such a lovely kit.

I miss kits. I miss scrapbooking and all of it!