Aug 4, 2010

a thankyou and some new crafty stuff

First, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you who phone me, send emails and leave comments, both here and on facebook. I must have the nicest, most sincere group of women surrounding me, and not a day goes by that I don't think of how lucky I really am.

I've spent most of the day, on the phone, with cancer centers/hospitals, oncologists, pathology departments, family and neighbors and even Peter's clients. The phone has finally quieted and it's given me some time, this evening, to reflect and think about all of the conversations I've had today. From Mayo Clinic, with one of the most compassionate women I've spoken with, to my grandpa who had a stroke the day before my surgery in June. (Gramps also has 3 cancers, so we talked for awhile about the different cancer centers here in Phoenix and the bedside manner of various oncologists.)

It's easy to feel alone when something unexpected happens, but then I find myself in the middle of this huge group of people who only want the best for me. People who call, just to see if there were any updates this week and when my next apt. is. It's kind of ironic, the fact that ordinarily, I'm a very shy and private person. I'm not use to the phone ringing so much, or people wanting to know my current health status.... I'm not sure how much everyone wants to know, so I try to keep things simple, tell everyone I'm doing good, just getting ready for the next surgery and then the wait for the next set of path reports to come back. I'll admit, sometimes I'm a little weirded out by all of the questions.... but then I try to have a sense of humor and laugh about the awkward moments. :) (That's my new favorite word, awkward, I say it alot when I get off the phone...especially lately.)

So, that brings me to the photo part of this post. We've had our neighbors and friends already volunteering to make us dinner and watch the kids for us, after my surgery. (Who knew that having a hysterectomy would come with dinner and a babysitter! It's almost like having a real date with Peter!)

So last week, I started making little giftbags filled with pumpkin spiced candles and cinnamon pecan swirl candles. I'll give them away as thankyous to our visitors, but I thought it was an ingenious idea to make them now so they're all ready come next month! Hopefully our friends/family love autumn scented candles as much as I do!! If not, I guess I'll be forced to keep all of the candles and the super cute little gift bags. :)) (insert tooting my own horn *here*)

(all of the pink and red leaves are from Kitschy Digitals. Those are my absolute favorite go-to scrap item for everything I create!)

If you're still reading this, thankyou! I have a question for you... What else could I purchase as a thank-you gift? I realize that not everyone appreciates candles, so I'm trying to think of something small and simple that I could give away. Any ideas?? ~ Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!


Danielle said...

It's fantastic that so many people care for you Tara, and I see're such a sweet, caring and loving person yourself that people just gravite towards you! You're the bestest!!!! I'm glad you're doing good and that you're keeping your moral up by talking about it and also by crafting! OMG those gift bags are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love, love, love them <3
Best of Luck with everything sweetie, and I'm thinking of you :)

Marie said...

It is wonderful to have so many friends and I am also thankful for this avenue called the internet. I am praying everything goes good for you and you recover quickly. The bags are beautiful and the candles sound yummy! Thank you gifts I would say something like lotions sets and little trinkets are good but I think the candles are a great idea. :) xoxoxox

Fryne said...

gorgeous creations!!!

Brenda Weaver said...

I'm always amazed at your creativity. The gift bags are gorgeous!! Your work is always so beautiful with all the layers, textures, and yummy colors!
I would say something like little bath essentials (salts, soaps, shower gels, etc.) would be great for gift bags like these.
I'm glad to hear you're doing well and are surrounded by so many people who care. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Always check your blog to see how you are doing. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
The gift bags are so special. Content ideas: small purse size hand lotions, note books or gift coupons for a local coffee or donut shop. Try to "enjoy" being taken care of. All the good wishes are to help you get better faster.

Kathy R

danilouwho said...

Those gift bags are beautiful...
maybe some pretty handmade (by someone else!) soap or candies or baked goods...??

I'm terrible with gift ideas though!!

I totally understand what you mean about awkward. It seems to rule my life lately!

Thinking of you...

Joanna said...

I always think baked goods or any type of sweet is always fun to give.

You could always make a thank you card (with all your scrappiness) and instead of writing in the card, place a post-it note inside with your message so the card can be reused by the recipient to pass on to someone else.

I hope that helps!

moline/yvonne said...

Good you are talking about it. The worst thing when something like this happens and rules your life is that you cannot talk and life goes on like nothing happened. You are brave to share it and think you will attract a lot of people with same issues. it helped me last year that my blog anf Flickr-community was cheerful and with me.
All the best and stay so vibrant and creative: You are such an inspiration!

sandy moss said...

Such thoughtfulness! Love the bags. I am glad you have so much support during this challenge in your life. I can't help but think what a blessing you are to those who know you personally and that you share your creative gift with.

I always think of gifts that keep on giving and ones that say exactly what I feel. I use cardstock or scrapbook paper cut into thin strips. I write thoughts, blessings, encouragment whatever the occasion calls for on about 30 pieces of these small papers. I then roll them into little circles ( like Quilling) and put them a decorated container. Baby food jars, little paper mache boxes whatever I have on hand. I call it Heart Candy. Then everyday for a month the recipient takes one out and knows I thought of them.
Just an idea.
Hugs *Sandy

Lisa said...

Something you could do for a gift could be a "night at the movies". Either a Harkins gift card or a movie rental gift card, with some popcorn.

Keep on keepin' on!

Bonnie said...

Your little gift bags are beautiful! I am sure candles are great and enough in itself, but maybe some of your handmade tags would be a nice touch too!
All the best with your recovery and I hope everything goes alright for you. You are very brave sharing it on your blog and I am sure all the help and encouragement has helped you.
I enjoy your blog so much and your beautiful creations!

Meri said...

Hi, your work is absolutely beautiful to look at for your blog and i wish you all the very best for a great recovery...take time out to rest as it will help with the healing process..
As for gifts, i love candles so they are a winner but you could add some fancy tea with organic biscuits to complete the gift.
All the best Meri xxx

Renee said...

I just found your blog and have been trying to piece together all your stories - I had breast cancer in 2008. I was diagnoised right after my son's 1st b-day. I know it is overwhelming and the what ifs fill your head, but you seem like you are doing great with your uplifted attitude - keep it up. It helps a ton.
As for thank you gifts - I always make a stack of cards to give as thank-you gifts. Or Wal-mart has notebooks on sale for $.25 - cover them in paper and embelish - those are fabulous gifts.
Good luck and hang in there. It gets easier.

Kristy Hansenwi said...

I think the idea of tea bags is good. ANd so is the popcorn. Also hot cocoa mix, dry fruit drink packets to add to bottle water. And you know--most people won't want you to do anything-just the note will make them feel whatever they did for you made a difference in your life. My blessings to you.

Blueangel Crafts said...

What an inspirational blog! Love the gift bags with their tags. I think you could put some old-school traditional sweets/candies as gifts. You could make tags for the sweets that match those on the outside of the gift bag telling the recipient what flavour sweets they are. Best of luck with your preparations and surgery.

sarita said...

i just found your blog - i love the idea of the little gifty bags - and love what you did - as for something besides candles - PLEASE go to this site - and you will find some GREAT things and very inexpensive!!!

i think there are a few pages for you to look at! how can you beat .49 cent metal book marks!!! :^)

may you have strength and peace during this time in your life.

Andrea said...

Ahh ,so cute .SO happy to find your blog today.

chickencat said...

I'm not sure that this is the perfect idea for what to put in your gorgeous thank you gift bags, but I'll post anyway :) What about a set of personalized stationery/thank you notes? It is so easy to make these from card-stock and bits of paper, or you can find an image that may resonate with the recipient. Adding her name or initials is just the icing on the cake, since she will know just how thoughtful and creative you are! For young girls, this kind of gift is especially important, as it keeps the art of handwritten notes/thank yous alive! (Throw in a sheet of matching stickers, return address labels, envelope liners, etc and you have a personalized DIY stationery kit in a gorgeous bag!) Good luck and thank you for sharing with us!