Oct 29, 2010

Halloween- Part 1

We're almost ready!! I have most of the house decorated as well as the outside. There are only a few things left... like a final costume fitting, Alaina & Chase and the little dog are going to be honey bees this year. I also have to take photos of our neighbor's costume tomorrow. Her sushi costume could not be any cuter!! There are still ghosts to hang from the trees and pumpkins to carve... almost finished!!

Here's a few photos from around the house... I'll be back tomorrow with those sushi photos every one's been waiting for. :) Happy almost Halloween!

Hopefully you're not like me and waited until the last possible second to finish preparing for Halloween! I'm going to be a very busy bee this weekend! :)


Danielle said...

OMG Tara!!! Your decorations are beyond amazing and incredible <3

I would hire you in a second to decorate my home xoxox

I'm so anxious to see your little ones' costumes and the sushi costume too!!!

jacqueline said...

WOW such fun!! I wish i could visit your home! Your decorations are awesome. Oh and im so looking forward to see photos of your lovely little ones and neighbor's costumes!! :) You have sucha n inspiring space here and your photos are soo beautiful! So glad i found you today. :) Have a lovely merry happy halloween weekend! Love to you!

sh3ri3 said...

WOW! When are you free to redo my house?! love the black trees. Happy Halloween xx

Em-Jae said...

Oh my, soooo adorable! If that's what it looks like when you wait for the last minute... I just can't imagine how it'd be any more fantastic....!