Apr 12, 2011

Monday's Menu

on a Tuesday.... because I run about a day late with everything. :) Have you ever had one of those weeks when you crave a certain fruit... or salad? Of course it would be easy to say no, I crave sour-cream & cheddar potato chips, but really, we're suppose to be healthy here. So, my answer is yes, I've been wanting nothing but nectarines, blackberries, coconut and cabbage. Luckily for me, our grocery stores have recently stocked white peaches & nectarines!! Oh joy - oh happy day!

This weekend, I made homemade lemonade with blackberries and big sprigs of mint. Not only was it perfectly bitter-sweet it was oh-so lovely. Seriously, I'm going to make it again this week just for the photos, it's really that pretty! I also tried Coconut Gelato for the first time yesterday..... maybe my new fav. dessert.

Alright, here it is. This weeks menu for those that emailed me needing ideas this week! :))

Chicken Salad on Wheat with avocado & romaine lettuce
Honeydew Melon & fresh berries

Southwest Chicken Taco Salad
Sweet Corn Bread casserole

Swedish Turkey Meatballs
Brown Rice
Sauteed Peas & Almonds
Garden Salad

tBLT's (turkey-bacon) w/ turkey & avocado spread on Honey Oat bread

Broccoli & Beef Brown Rice Bowls
Edamame Salad
Fortune Cookies

BBQ Chicken
Cherry tomato, roasted corn, avocado salad with green onions
fresh melons & berries
grilled white corn tortillas

I cut probably 194,568.12 pieces of vintage fabric today.... Well, maybe not quite that many but I did spend the majority of my day bundling fabrics into kits. My work table is covered with little stacks of vintage florals. It's quite the sight and I've started to realize that I may have a problem with collecting vintage linens... if there is even such a thing! I'm going back to the cutting table this evening while the house is nice and quiet. :) good-night all!


Bonnie said...

would love to see your collection of vintage fabric!!

jek-a-go-go said...

now i need to discuss lemonade with you for YKW (youknowwhat). also, we've been chowing down on awesome cabbage salads all week. cabbage with cucumber or radishes or red onion and always with rice vinegar. mmmm. tonight we're having korean style bbq with THE salad....gotta go make it and take pics soon!

Kendra M said...

Pictures! We need pics of all your vintage fabric!