Nov 2, 2012

Sweet November: Autumn Picnic

Hello! I thought for my first project for this years Sweet November week, I'd start by sharing some of the photos from that Fall picnic I packed up last weekend! Nothing says Fall to me more than enjoying lunch outside under the cover of old Elm trees while the afternoon breeze creates just enough chill in the air. With the kids running about gathering up the fallen leaves, I got to set up our first picnic in the park! Below, you'll find lots of photos, my picnic menu outline and (hopefully) some helpful tips for planning your next picnic!

picnic menu
turkey & cranberry sandwiches (with/ lettuce, blue cheese, and red onion)
guacamole with blue corn chips
roasted spicy pumpkin seeds
tomato and pepper soup
apples with caramel dip
black plum and mint fruit salad
apricot and strawberry jam cookies
hot apple cider

Tara's top 10 best tips for planning a picnic:

- plan your menu and then create a shopping list & head out shopping 2 days before picnic

- do all prep work the day before; like making sandwiches and preparing salads

- bring along a small cutting board and knife for cutting up fruit

- pack 2 plastic bags, 1 for garbage and 1 for dirty plates/utensils

- look for metal trays at thrift stores (I love them because they are so much sturdier than a paper plate on it's own) and a cup will easily balance on one! 

- keep soup's and drinks bubbling warm by storing them in a thermos

- use vintage linens cut into a rectangle shape with pinking shears in place of paper napkins

- I like to pack cold foods in a ice-cooler and the dry foods in the picnic basket

-   to help transport everything from car to picnic site I have a old red wagon that I like to use, it's kind of nostalgic and super cute full of picnic stuff!

- use a large plastic ziploc bag and fill with; utensils, napkins, wet hand wipes, and the 2 plastic bags



Hope you enjoyed my Autumn picnic photos, I couldn't wait to share them on the blog! It's never to late to pack up lunch and head out to your favorite park! Be sure to pop into Jessica's blog today for a couple of sweet Fall inspired recipes! 

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vintage girl at heart said...

Lovely Autumn Picnic and the details are all so perfectly sweet.
Happy Sweet November!