Nov 5, 2012

Sweet November: Pretty Package

A week of Fall inspired posts wouldn't be complete if I didn't add at least one little gift wrapping idea! I was thinking about gifts that we give during this season, and one came to mind that almost everyone will either receive or be giving away this month. Any guests as to what gift that would be? 

If you said a Hostess gift, you and I are thinking alike these days! My grandmother told me to never show up empty-handed to someones home that has invited you for dinner. Since I'm usually the one doing the inviting, I thought it would be fun to think of a couple of ideas for hostess gifts just in case! 

Tara's Top 10 Sweet Hostess Gifts 

- Fall scented candle (this would be my #1 to receive!) 
- a cute pair of dish towels (think the embroidered ones from Anthropology)
- a bottle of wine (Peter's favorite :) 
- gourmet honey, butter, salt, oil, or sugar (who couldn't use more of any of these!)
-  a pretty set of kitchen magnets
- instead of flowers, bring along a potted herb plant (try Sage or Rosemary this time of year) 
- a set of buffet napkins
- clean scented kitchen hand soap
- a pair of wooden salad servers
- new cute dish gloves

Since most Hostess gifts tend to be on the petite side, I was playing with some ideas on how to wrap it all up. I found some great gift boxes at our new Paper Source store that just opened, using a few book pages I simply used my paper trimmer to cut strips and used them as filler for the inside of my box. 

To decorate the top of the box, I used a minimal amount of products just a few leaves, gift tag, clothes pin and a little seam binding. Now, the leaves that I had on hand were not the right color for the overall look I was going for. (When are unsightly red and yellow-orange-ish leaves ever the right look?)

 Fear not though, a little coat of spray paint and those red and yellow leaves are now a trendy metallic gold and bronze! One coat is all it took, and I rather liked the color, especially the red, peeking through the paint. 

Clip the leaves and gift tag together with the mini clothes pin and tie some seam binding or ribbon around the box to hold everything in place and your thoughtful Hostess gift is ready to be gifted! 

Tomorrow I have a repurposed Autumn Wreath tutorial to share, anything with wool, paper leaves and vintage jewelry is always a good thing in my book! Happy Monday to you all! 


jessica wilson said...

deeelightful! was the Paper Source the store you wanted to go check out when we were there? Did you know I used to work for Paper Source? In Beverly Hills no didn't last long but goodness it was pretty!

vintage girl at heart said...

pretty and oh so thoughtful too.
the candle in your photo looks like it would smell heavenly with the ingriedents listed. where is it from may i ask??
love the leaves they look almost like fabric velvet after you spruced them up! luxurious!
happy sweet november monday!

Tara Anderson said...

hello there! The candle was from a little gift shop in Las Vegas, my husband picked it out for me on a recent business trip! This was the only candle with a lid that I had on hand and I was just wondering when someone would notice a pineapple candle for Fall :)

Bonnie said...

love the idea of spray painting the leaves, So pretty!