Apr 18, 2013

sewing layers - (a work in progress)

I have a date with my sewing machine today - trying to finish up some projects that have been on the table all week. It's been such a strange week, with all the sad events throughout the country this week, I've been watching more tv than usual and I think sometimes you have to force yourself to turn the tv off and focus on something positive, otherwise it gets very overwhelming quickly. Today will be a tv free day just cds, old dusty records, maybe a little piano playing, lots of sewing and a little painting with Chase! Here's to a positive and productive Thursday! 


Rebecca said...

Thought you might like to see that I used a little piece of your packaging on a recent layout! Love your shop (and the packaging, obviously - lol)!


Dede Warren said...

I just love your work and wanted to finally stop in and say you've inspired me to get back into paper crafts and up my game with my scrapbooks. Thanks for that!

And I agree, often times the best thing you can do is turn off the tv and put on some good music.

Happy Thursday to you!