Jul 5, 2013

Road Trip Kit

It's official, the kids and I are traveling today which means.... summer vacation is here!
Spending the last couple of years away from home (and my awesome little craft room) means that I need to pack a mobile craft room of sorts to take on the road with us. Just a little box of things to give me something to do. I find that I tend to get bored on trips if I don't bring something creative to do. This time, I've packed a kit and have a perfect summer project in mind! 

Here's what I'm packing this year! 

1. Instax camera & film
2. envelope of stamps & tags
3. mini notebook
4. washi tapes
5. adhesive roller
6. date stamp
7. stapler & extra staples
8. paint brush (I'll purchase paint up there)
9. stamps & stamp pad
10. scissors 
11. painted journal titles
12. collage papers 

 I'm not really the journaling type, sure I like to create lists and record notes along the way, but lengthy stories of our travels, not so much. So, instead of a scrapbook or journal this year, I've created these collage books with simply two pieces of chipboard and filled with blank art paper. Ouick & easy! I hope to complete a collage every other day or so using little snips of paper and other collected paper bits and I did include a few journaling cards - just in case! ;) 

I also made an extra paper and collage book for a special crafty friend coming out to visit us! I thought it would be fun to have something creative to work on while she's visiting, like a girls craft retreat! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you get a chance to pop back in tomorrow, I have a color combination scheduled and some more scrapbooking projects!

Have a lovely day! ~ Tara


j. wilson said...

super fun bit of craftiness! i have a sushi stapler too! and tape...i want the mini instax...i have the WIDE...i also have a pogo...we can use the pogo printer, i'll bring it!

CraftyHope said...

Super cute idea! I can't wait to see what becomes of it.

Lemon Paper Designs said...

So lovely :)

I am so in live with your blog and style ..

Have a great trip

Claire x