Jun 9, 2010

getting your mojo back..

One of my favorite blog readers sent me an email last week about feeling less than creative lately, but still wanting to jump in and scrapbook. Which led me to think about: "What do you do when you have a creative block?"

I get asked that question and variations of the same question with every interview I do, and I feel like I always give the same answer. So, this time, instead of just giving the same old answer, I thought I'd elaborate and share some ideas of mine!

Here's my secret to getting over a creative block:

Find something else fun to do! :)) (wasn't that easy! If you can be creative and enjoy the process of creating, you'll be more likely to regain your mojo or creativity and get right back into scrapbooking.... At least, that's how it works for me!)

If you have a limited amount of time, like me, try to choose projects that are quick and simple. I love making anything on a small scale! So here's my list of things that I enjoy making, that don't include any photos and that can be made within about an hour (or during one little boy's afternoon naptime)!

1. create a project: Marble Magnets (made with glass marbles and an interior design magazine.)

2. create a card
3. create a small sign
4. create an ATC
5. make a photo Frame
6. make a set of gift tags
7. make a bookmark
8. create a small canvas collage

I know there's lots of small projects out there, but these are some of my favs! If you're in a sharing kind of mood this evening, what do you do, when you have a creative block?


Christina said...

I have one thing that has somewhat helped me, though it *is* really hard to force myself to be creative when I'm not feeling it.

People give me scrapbooking goodies all the time (and I'm NOT complaining, lol), and some of things I get are kits. It's SO much easier to throw something together when all the colors pre-match.

I never follow the instructions/examples (scrapbooking teachers tend to find this annoying, lol), so that helps me get over the feeling that I'm "cheating."

It's just a nice, quick little way to get something (anything!) done. And isn't it better to have something done rather than let more photos pile up? That's what I tell myself!

Tara, what kind of pebbles and glue do you use for the Marble Magnets? I've noticed you have to be really careful when you pick out the marbles. The cheapie ones tend to have flaws that mar the design ... no dollar store marbles for me anymore:) For glue, I've found good old Elmer's -- the new, clear kind -- actually works really well! Then I Superglue the magnet on.

These are beautiful!! I'm inspired to pull some images from the kids' Pottery Barn catalog!

Nicole Austin said...

these are great ideas to get going! these days i pull out my journal and start gluing pretty scraps of paper, images from catalogs, etc. i like things that come in kits, too! saves time and the trouble of the "what goes together?" dilemma that often keeps me blocked. thanks for sharing these ideas. (ps i am new to your blog, not sure how i got here, but i'm glad i found you!)

Unknown said...

I "switch gears". If I feel the need to make something, but scrapbooking isn't cutting it (which means I am sitting there staring at the same pattern paper for over an hour). Then, I put it away and get out my jewelry and make jewerly. Or I get out my paints and canvas and get artsy.

thanks for sharing! this is a helpful post to keep on hand!

Kateyed said...

So funny you should write this today. I have been busy making "tags" and it really brought me a lot of pleasure. Even the act of punching. Now i feel ready to move on!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,
I've never commented on your blog before but I've been reading it for awhile now. Just want to say I love your style-it's very inspirational to me. I've also made some cards using your latest colour combo, which I've posted on my blog. Here's the link:


Keep up the lovely work!

Anthea :)

Danielle said...

Hehehehheheh was that my e-mail? OMG That list really helped out a lot :)

I crocheted a bit this week, and I love the colors of my blanket, so I even got some color swatches to match it heehehhehe ;) That helped my mojo quite a bit!

Thanks sweetie...you're really helping :) I'm anxious to see tomorrow's color combination!!!!