Jun 5, 2010

Summer Colors

It's Saturday!! and you know what that means.... it's the 2nd edition of Saturday Color Combo's! (I almost feel like I'm hosting a game show here :)) I've been in the mood for some less traditional summer colors, and something that doesn't include pink. So, this weeks colors are:

Lavender - Rich Navy Blue - Khaki - Warm Golden Yellow

Here's my inspiration for this week. I fell in love with the purple/yellow combination with just a touch of coral and the dark blue is a color I don't often use, so it was a fun challenge!

and here's the project: a simple Thank you card & envelope

If you're looking at these colors and the first thought that pops into your head is "but I don't have paper in those colors" never fear! I did the same thing! Here's how I worked around my lack of scrapbook paper.

- I decided to use neutral papers in these colors: lavender, creams, white and yellow

- Pick one color in this combination as an accent color (I usually pick the darkest color like the Blue) Look for something, in your stash of stuff, that can be used as an embellishment; a flower, button, piece of ribbon/lace, or a butterfly....

- build in neutral layers. I used lot's of layering in this card, but I try to keep the layers neutral and here's how. Pick one color (I chose Khaki) and build different layers using lighter shades of Khaki, like creams, taupe's and white.

- You can choose simple accent colors, like the coral shade of eye shadow in the magazine page, that became the thread color that was used to sew "thank you." I also used a shiny gold thread to sew with, that mimicked the gold bracelet in the photo.

don't forget to make an envelope for your card!!

When you look at a magazine page, try to gain inspiration from the entire page, even down to the simplest details! If you make anything using this weeks color combination, I would love to see your creations! Just leave me a link!


Danielle said...

OMG I just adore that color combination!!! The lavender, khaki, navy blue and golden yellow are sooooooooooooooooooo perfect :)

I love this subtle, yet very beautiful and serene combination!

The card you made is GORGEOUS :) The layering is fantastic and the blue flower just makes everything pop!

I love the tips that you gave for choosing papers/goodies that are part of those colors. You always give the best advice to think "outisde of box"....

Thank you for the inspiration sweetie! YOU ROCK!

I'm heading to Home Depot soon for my color swatches ehehheheheheh :) (and I need to clean my basement to have fun creating!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,

Love the card. It is funny, my mother in law came for lunch today and she always brings me her Better Home and Garden mag.(which usually end up in the recycles bin) but with today project I decided to thumb through and boy did I find inspiration!!!

I love that you are doing a project every Sat. Please keep it coming!! FYI....I created the coaster project last week as a wedding shower gift using all black and white....the were the bomb...so thanks for that lesson as well.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...it's eye candy and very inspirational. Keep posting your work, please. Have a blessed day.

Marolle said...

omg, i love it!!
i need to find something similar to your colour cards, it's so cool!!