Jun 26, 2010

where to start?

** I first want to thank every one for the phone calls and emails. Peter has tried to respond to alot of them, but I'll get back to everyone.... it might take a little longer for me but I'll get around to it! **

I've really struggled with the idea of sharing anything more personal on this blog, other than art/scrapbooking stuff. After all, we all go through rough spots in our lives, and we all have our difficulties, I'm just not sure if I want to put mine all out there. But I keep going back to the idea that knowledge can only make us stronger and nothing is more important than your own health and then there's the point that this is my blog and I can talk about anything I find fitting.

These past 6 weeks have been a challenge, overwhelming most of the time, and completely draining emotionally. Which has been the likely cause of my nonexistent energy level and the constant need to want to sleep day and night. My surgery went well on Thursday and now we wait for more pathology reports. I think waiting for test results has been the worst part.

This post was actually Dr. Y's idea. Right before we headed in for Thursday's procedure at the cancer center, he told Peter and I, that I now have the job of convincing 10 women to make their yearly gynecological exam (pap-smear). We talked briefly about cervical cancer statistics among young women and the importance of early detection through pap-smears. Then I thought about my little blog and the amount of women who pop in occasionally to read and both Peter and I felt like if even just one woman calls to make a check-up apt. with her dr. then it was worth sharing my experience.

I kind of feel like I'm in the middle of a long confusing movie, and I'm just waiting for the ending to become more clear so that I can share the whole story. So, I'll wait and rest a few more days until the next set of results are in, and then I'll be back to talk a little more.


Nancy Wyatt said...

Thinking of you, praying for you, in awe of you, what a tough time I know it is but you can get through it! And thank you for reminding us of what we can do to be sure we are aware. *many hugs for you from Conroe TX!

Danielle said...

OMG sweetie!!! I just pray and hope that you get great results really, really soon :) You are in my prayers and my thoughts all the time!!!

I think it's great that you posted about this....more women need to be reminded to this this every year :) I just went for mine a few months ago! and I plan on going when I'm due next year!

BIG HUGS sweetie!!!! Love you lots and I'm hoping for great news along with you :D

Daniela Dobson said...

Thinking of you and sending you big hugs! I got early detection with my pap-smear, had the procedure, check ups every six months and now I am back to my yearly exams :)

Trevlyn said...

Thanks for having the courage to share. I'm ashamedly a couple years behind on my exams and am recommitted to taking this seriously. Prayers and best wishes for a full recovery! (PS. didn't know we're practically "neighbors"! I live down by Wet & Wild!)

Deana said...

While I do have the gyno exam every year since, one thing I do need to start doing yearly is a skin cancer check. I finally scheduled an appointment for July.

Will be keeping you in my prayers. You are in an inspiration in many ways. Your creations always leave me in awe.

Hugs & prayers...

Anonymous said...

It takes courage to share. Ironically I read your blog as I was heading out the door to have a mammogram (my second in two weeks). I thought about you all day and came back home to leave you a comment but the comment area was not open. Then my daughter had to undergo a cervical procedure and it put quite a bit in perspective this weekend. Thanks for the courage to put it out there, you have a great Dr. Keeping you in prayer, and hope that you feel like your self soon.

Christina said...

Tara, it takes a lot of courage to share something so terrifying, and you're right ... it's your blog;)

It's inspiring that you're being so open. Women need to stand up for each other. The blogging world is a very powerful one and I've no doubt you will have a profound effect.

I'm good about this but the message always bears repeating. I'm sharing this on my blog as well, if you don't mind.

One other thing ... don't feel so concerned about your blogging. Unless it's really helping, let it lie while you take care of yourself! The rest of the world can make it while you focus on yourself.

I only know you through the blogging world but I have discovered what an amazing woman you are. You are strong and have beautiful inspiration from your family. I've complete conviction all will be well.

Lisa Russell said...

Thank you for posting - I have put off my exam for a while and have been thinking about making one. Will definitely have to do that this week! God bless you, and I pray you get good test results back!!

j. wilson said...

what an awesome doctor you have! i was just thinking of you and THE surgery and know that my thoughts are with you for good, good, good things. hugs and squeezes.


Monika said...

you are my favorite blogger and I love your talent!!! When I read your post it brought me to tears because i understand how difficult it is to deal with something like that. I had surgery when I was only 20 years old and I was fine ever since. And yes, I am up for a check up now (thank you for reminding me)... Hang in there, believe in the good things and positive outcomes. I am praying for you - you are such a good person!

Anonymous said...

I understand that blogging or any other sort of public sharing, has to follow a person's comfort level. But I'm so the type to let it all out, good and bad for the most part on my blog. I always wonder if that is good or bad, but I'm starting to think it's neither. It's just my truth.

I think it's awesome you shared this, it's courageous and probably so helpful for others reading it too. It's always good to feel less alone in struggles like this.

Waiting for test results is the worst... I remember that while in the ER recently, I just wanted to scream at someone to tell me something, from the ER technician, to the random nurse pushing me down the hall. Everyone just kept telling me this had to be sent here and they wouldn't know anything until so and so saw this, read this. Everyone kept that "just pretend like we don't know you're having a miscarriage face" on. So frustrating.

Anyways, you're in my thoughts and I hope these next few weeks go smoothly for you.

moline/yvonne said...

I am with you in my thoughts and hope everything turns out well. I had the surgery two times last year and know about the mixed feelings and strange thoughts and now hope that I am done with it.
Hope you feel better soon!