Jun 21, 2010

picnic time..

not anymore, because it's hot as blazes out there. But, back in April, when the desert here in AZ was beautiful and breezy, it was picnic time! I found a lovely old lilac quilt at a thrift store this winter, and I couldn't wait to pack everyone up and head to the park.

*if you're local, this is the park at Anthem. It actually has green grass! :)) and don't forget to bring some bread, they have duck ponds throughout the park!!*


Robin said...

Looks like fun!!!!!! :) Do tell me how you did those first photos! I love them!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!

Kateyed said...

Fantasy pictures. I love them!


Danielle said...

Those photos are beautiful!!! OMG I love Chase's t-shirt...it's so PERFECT for the way he stands...like a little tough dude :) LOVE IT :)

That quilt you picked up is GORGEOUS....you definately scored a priceless family heirloom :D LUCKY GIRL!!!