Jan 4, 2011

good to be home

Alright, I may not be the first to admit it, but I kind of miss that it's not Christmas anymore. Don't get me wrong, I lived and breathed Christmas spirit for months this year, and yet it seemed to go by so quickly.

The best part of the holidays this year, was going home! Peter and I packed up the kids and even the 2 dogs and headed out on Christmas Eve for a 14 hour road-trip to Northern California. All of sudden the adventure of a road-trip has brought on a new meaning when you factor in small children and animals. The trip up there though was relatively uneventful, thankfully! We were all excited to be back in Cali for Christmas!

We spent 9 days, visiting both of our families and making the most of our Christmas together! We went to my parents' home first. Alaina and Chase loved their newest cousin Keira. Alaina had a sleep over and a little tea party with her.... I'm guessing Alaina is making up for the sister she didn't get. Chase, appropriately enough, chased the girls the entire time. So cute to see all of them playing together!

During our stay at my mom's, we all went to Marine World... well actually it's now a Six Flags, but when I was little it was just marine world. My not-so-little cousin joined us for the day too! Konrad just graduated last month from the Marines boot camp. It's hard to believe the little boy who use to want to do everything with my sister's and I, is now in the military. We're all so proud of him!

Since we missed the snow fall here in Cave Creek, we made up for it by taking them on a snow hill in Marine World. I'm thinking a real trip to the snow may be in order now that we're home!!

Peter and I even had time to drive over the hill to Napa. We wondered around the down-town, had lunch and played the part of a tourist oh-so well! I love Napa, and even though I'm not there during the spring time, it was still uniquely beautiful!

I took along my old camera, but it was sooo incredibly wet and cold the entire time we were there, my lens kept fogging up. :( What a bummer! The town of Vacaville has changed quite a bit since I was last there and I'm hoping to be back in the spring/summer time, when it will be less soggy. :)

Happy New Years from Mags and me!!!


Danielle said...

OMG sounds like you had an AMAZING Christmas!!!! Love all of the photos and WOW, I love your new hair color - I'm not used to seeing you without curls, but I'm LOVING the straight red hair too!!!!

angie backen said...

yay for road trips home! and welcome back! and happy new year! :)
love the photos, especially the dolphin one. and i MUST show my kid the one of the owl. she'll flip!

Susana Tavares said...

Happy new year Tara !!!!
14 hours...what adventure...but it seems it was so much fun! Love the howl picture :)

sophie said...

happy new year Tara!! what a great christmas you seem to have had!! no wonder you are sad it is over! I always have the christmas is gone blues ! love the photos as ever!!