Jan 28, 2011

layers of pink & red

Since I posted our Valentine list this afternoon, I thought I would pop back in with a couple of Valentines that I made.

I'm not sure if any one else has had this problem but I had a hard time deciding on the size. I had originally thought I would just make a really girly tag, but then it didn't look right... or finished. So, what started off as just an idea for a little Valentine card, turned into a little book, or stack, of Valentine tags. **I really did intend to make something simple and small!!**

I took photos of each layer, it makes it easier to see how they're made. :)
the first one: Love Struck

love & hearts (I think I'll add a little more to this one and give it to Peter.)

*love*love* I love this color combo pink-red-blue-white!!

I have one more card to make tonight and then my completely disorganized craft room is calling my name. I've definitely earned the world's messiest scrapper award this week, but it was kind of worth it! :)) Hope you have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

love them!!! :)so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i love it!!!! and i am so looking forward to receive yr goodies from my letterbox somewhere soon! I've shop till i drop on yr etsy shop! WOOHOOO...... Love it babe!

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous! I'm totally in on the April swap! :)

Anonymous said...

So inspirational! Thank you for posting!! I am working on mine now!

Paz said...

So beautiful and inspiring!!!

Nicole said...

these are absolutely lovely!

Binka said...

hi Tara i love your work so colorful! Can you tell me what stamp you use for the leaf on your banner? Thank you.