Jan 28, 2011

Valentines Day Swap- the List!!

it's officially here!

** I think I've included everyone that has signed up, so I'm closing the swap at the 36 of us already signed up. If you missed out on this swap, don't worry I have another idea for a swap in April!! **

I haven't been able to track down some of you that signed up, if you see your name and I don't have a way of contacting you, please leave your email in the comments. *I'll delete all of our email's once everyone has contacted their swap partners.* Since I'm really new at organizing a swap, I probably should have mentioned to leave an email address. doh! Next time, I will remember!

Jennifer C. chapinjennife@yahoo.com <------> Juliet littlemisscraftyis@googlemail.com

April artistaprilcole@gmail.com <-----> Christina cmokeson@gmail.com

Andrea andreabilich@bigpond.com <-----> Jody nitty.grittyjody@yahoo.com

Alicia gollyg8@yahoo.com <-----> Britta www.brittaschatz.blogspot.com

Vintage Love creatingartat2am@yahoo.com <------> Stacy www.hellother-jdrf.blogspot.com

One thousand Paper Cranes <-----> www.curlymosaics.blogspot.com

Tanya craftynumnums@yahoo.com <-----> Angie B. starionleo@cox.net

Brenda dewsgirl0@gmail.com <-----> Emily emilythitphaneth@gmail.com

Nerissa kate_vee_me@hotmail.com <-----> Robin http://capturejoy.blogspot.com/

Danielle shimmeredlife@gmail.com
<-----> Anastasia C aa.christou@optusnet.com.au

Jul <-----> Me!! rosas07@msn.com

Merisaa revestirm001@hawaii.rr.com <------> Amy G. abci3@charter.net

Heather metrochic@gmail.com <-----> Fauve www.fauvevanmaanen.blogspot.com

Patricia Z. coloredsprinklegirl@hotmail.com <----> Renee http://reneesendelbach.blogspot.com/

Nora nlatiff@yahoo.com <-----> TxScrap www.texasscrapaddict.blogspot.com

Tanya M <-----> Jessica jekinthebox@gmail.com

Karey mkm9278@yahoo.com <-----> Heather P. http://myartsycraftybrain.blogspot.com/

Kristina modernfrills@yahoo.com
<-----> Elisa elisa@mbtaz.com

Here's the tricky part, everyone will have to work together to contact their own swap partner. I know you can do it!! Please let me know if you need help or have questions, I'm here to help!

I have some errands to run and some Etsy shipping to take care of, but tonight I'll post 3 of the Valentines that I made! I can also do a tutorial if anyone is interested tomorrow... maybe a how-to make a simple layered Valentine?

Happy Friday!


Paz said...

Thank you Tara for putting this together. Cannot wait to work on mine.

Brenda said...

Thanks for organizing this, Tara! I'm excited to get to work.

Here's my email address. dewsgirl0@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Please add me too. My e-mail address:


Modern Frills said...

Love to be added....



Amy said...

Hello Tara! I was added and am one that forgot to leave my email address!! So excited to be part of this! Thanks for organizing!
Amy G.

Anonymous said...

I will contact my swap partner! Thank you for adding me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,
I blogged a post about you check it out.

This is going to be a fun project!

Have a sweet day.

curlyqmosaics said...

This is going to be so much fun!

Amy Baldwin

(PS, Jamie and I are already in touch with one another. Thanks!)

Nerissa Alford said...

Hi Tara

Thank you so much for hostessing & the Valentine eye candy. You have my blog link, but no email so here it is for Robin:

Robin, there is no link or email for you so please contact me. I'm looking forward to swapping with you :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tara for putting me in this swap loop. I am so excited.
Dear TxScrap @ www.texasscrapaddict.blogspot.com please check your email box, you've got mail babe. Keep in touch. Nora aka Manis :)) YAY!!!

Alicia said...

Britta is my partner! My email is gollyg8@yahoo.com

Britta said...

Tara, thanks for organizing.

Alicia, I just sent you an email with my info...looking forward to the swap!

Danielle said...

Hi Tara, I am still trying to find Anastacia's email address... mine is shimmeredlife@gmail.com

Thanks again for organizing this!!


beida-fish said...

I wish I found out about this event sooner! I started following your blog a few days ago. I would have loved to participate in your swap! So fun!

Fauve Design said...

Hi Tara,here is my email sweets:

I will send Heather a message,i love my swap partner :)

Can't wait to see all the Valentine stuff!

Thanks for doing this,so much fun!

Robin said...

My blog link is there but here's my email since I check that more: crtarbert@verizon.net
Thanks, Robin