Jan 19, 2011

tiny Valentine art

hello all. I'm taking a little break from some morning yoga to write about my newest challenge on the
Entre Artistes blog. If you have some extra time this week, come play along!!

While driving around town this weekend, Alaina and I had a long conversation about Valentines Day cards, and why sometimes you have to give something away in order to receive something. (She picked out a box of Disney tv stars Valentines for her class and I don't think she wants to give them away. :))

That's one thing I miss about being an adult, we don't get a whole box of cheesey little Valentines Day cards anymore! I think next year I will organize a handmade Valentine swap because wouldn't we all like to see something special show up in our actual mail-box! :)


curlyqmosaics said...

These valentine creations are simply breathtakingly gorgeous! If you do a swap, count me in. I would love to join you! :)


blogauthor said...

I would LOVE a Valentine's Day swap! A few years ago, I tried to revive the childhood joy by passing them out at work. People just didn't get it. sigh

But it's so true ... What better joy than a pretty little spot of paper happiness?


MaraMay said...

Oh my gosh Tara that would be so much fun!
Love these little thingamabobs you've carefully put together. They're gorgeous!

Mama Up! said...

One year, in college, I decorated the door outside my boyfriend's dorm room with tons and tons of those little cardboard Valentines. He loved it and his friends all thought it was a riot!

Unknown said...

Love them! I posted the swap partners on my blog and I got you so u got me! :) email your address. scrapmojo@sbcglobal.net


Danielle said...

I love the valentine's you made- they are beautiful :)

I really do miss getting valentines too ~ they were so much fun to give, but also to get <3 I think I still have some of mine in my childhood memories box...I'd have to check :)