Jun 28, 2011

getting ready & making a list

I don't know how most people go about packing for a trip, but for me it's something that I kind of look forward too..... and actually I think packing might just be the most exciting part of the trip. That sounds crazy right? Much like planning my weekly menus, I approach packing in the same way. I make a long list, write down each day and what I plan on wearing for the day - even down to the purse and shoes. Because I'm traveling this time with the kids, I'll do the same with their suitcases. All in a effort to keep things simple and hopefully I won't forget anything! ~ that's the plan anyway.

vintage inspired

I've been playing on Polyvore - careful, it's addicting and extremely time consuming! This is what my mental picture of each day looks like. *dork alert* When I was a little younger, I would separate all of my clothes and accessories into individual bags with a label that had the day of the week. An entire outfit in a bag.... it took the guess work out of wondering what to wear in the morning.

Don't worry, I'm not nearly as organized when it comes to unpacking. In fact, I've been known to take my sweet time unpacking after a trip ~ as in weeks. :))


The BabbyMama @ IKHIBF said...

You're brilliant! We're going to Germany in a few weeks and I've been paranoid about what to wear. I think I'm just going to plan it all in advance :)

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

I used to plan out my outfits when I was in highschool..everyone made fun of me for it but I didn't have a lot of clothes lol

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness.....I have never met anyone who enjoys packing!! I HATE it! I do it because I have to. We going away soon, wanna come pack for me?? :)

Danielle said...

OMG that's too cool!!!! I love packing too and I do enjoy making the lists, but not to the accessories and shoes and purses ehehehhehehe ;) Too cute about your bags with the labels when you were young - what a fantastic idea :)

Unpacking is also my least favorite part - it takes me a few weeks as well to unpack. Something my ex HATED!!!! ahahhaahah oh well :)