Jul 1, 2011

summer time clothes

a small post this morning inspired by the ocean and sea shells.

summer shopping

My plan for today: packing! yikes - vacation time is almost upon us!

I also used a few of my photos as inspiration for the styleboard above. I'm totally in love with that lavender/coral color palette, so much so that I think I will use it as a guideline for what to pack for our trip. It seems very beachy and pretty at the same time! My own personal theory when it comes to choosing what to pack is to choose a color combo. This way you can mix and match your clothing choices and everything should still look good together. (that's the goal anyway, as I hope I don't end up looking like a crazy tourist from the desert! ;))

Can you tell I'm excited to be going to the ocean? I have an Inspired by: post coming up a little later today. It's a fun kid's craft!!


Mam'Zelle Scrap said...

i love love love love your blog...

Danielle said...

FUN and BEAUTIFUL and ARTSY color combo!!!! I love your idea of thinking ~ everything will look amazing since all of your clothes will match ;) Tourists are a good thing though, so don't worry! eheheheh ;)