Feb 3, 2012

craft closet - finished.... almost

I'm happy to report that with each day I'm able to sort through and unpack a few more boxes at a time and the house is starting to look more like home and not like a crazy storage facility! I ended up getting sick and spending the entire first week, after we moved, in bed. All that time lost. So, I'm trying to play catch up now and nothing will get you moving faster than having unexpected guests needing to spend the weekend with you! Typically, I hate surprises. I need ALOT of time to adjust to changes but hearing from a good friend yesterday who needs to place to stay while recovering from a recent operation, I decided to put aside my typical freak-out reaction and rather hurry to get the house ready for guests tomorrow! I probably won't be posting much this weekend and throughout next week because of said guests. I imagine I will be spending the majority of my time cooking and cleaning for 3 extra people. I did always say I wanted a house big enough for lots of extra guests!!(I just didn't think it would happen 2 weeks after moving into a larger home :))

Chase and I have been running around putting things away this morning when I passed by my craft room and much to my amazement, it actually looks.... normal. Especially the closet! I got super lucky and have a large walk in closet - perfect for all my stuff! I'll be changing out some of the wire baskets for closed boxes and I still need to thin out my paper collection but I'll get there. Probably not this week but sometime soon I hope! I've also decided I'm in desperate need of a sewing table!

Ok, now back to cleaning house!!


Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Wow! I love this! Tara, what a great job. I just love the look of shelves with baskets, and organized stuff on it. Your area just looks great. yay...you will have so much fun in this area. Great music playing...you will be over the top creative!

Lehua Cortez said...

Love this! We just bought our first house and I'm in the process of unloading all my stuff and organizing my craft closet as well! Yours is looking great!

Bonita Rose said...

Tara, it looks fabulous already!

Bonnie said...

Super organized! Happy new home!

claudia shadler said...

do take more pics of yer craft area, the closet looks great!