Jul 19, 2012

fields of gold & fruit

While the kids and I were flying from Arizona to Northern California, Alaina was getting restless mid air (it's only a 2 hour flight but both children seem to have inherited my patience levels :)) and asked "are we even in California yet?" I told her to lift the shade on the window so I could see out. I took a quick glance out and saw the quilt like fields that we were flying above and told her that yes we've been in California for awhile. Of course she wanted to know how I knew and if I was sure. So we got into a little discussion about those fields and I asked if she knew where fruit and vegetables came from - "The grocery store?"

No, sadly living in AZ has completely sheltered my kids. (I've said this before but - 2012 is the year I start planning our great escape!) Once we got to Grandma's house it was easy explaining that all the fruit and vegetables we eat either grows on the ground or grows on a tree. My mom's fruit trees are full of fruit and the kids are able to go out each day and pick their own. Chase goes out with his bucket and shovel and scoops up fruit that has fallen to the ground, so proud of himself for what he's found!

I'm definitely adding a vegetable garden and a few fruit trees onto my wish-list for the new house when we finally do move!

I've also been making friends with the local hummingbirds. I think they may be getting use to seeing my camera. :)


Jorunns hobbyblogg said...

Nice :-)


Bonnie said...

Your photos are totally amazing!!Such a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing! I adore that hummingbird photo as they are one of my favorite birds!
It's so important kids see where and how real food grows and comes from. So good they got to experience picking fruit from trees. We have done that before too. We go cherry-picking once a year and we also have been strawberry picking and took the kids to a working farm so they could milk cows and get to see where milk really comes from! Kids today sometimes have it too easy!

Anonymous said...

You're an awesome scrapbook but you're an even better photographer! Your photos almost made me book a flight to where you are just to touch those fruits and flowers for real. Hehe

I'm a new follower, btw. Found your blog through Christine of the Crate Paper DT. ;)