Jul 8, 2012

on the road again

You know when I mentioned being really excited for a roadtrip in the previous post? Well, I think the word excited may have been slightly overrated - 9 hours of sitting isn't as fun as I remember it being and I've never been so grateful to be out of a car as I was yesterday afternoon. Holy-moly that was one long drive!

I wasn't able to take alot of photos, I ended up taking over driving through the middle of our trip but at least I was able to take a few and one of Chase stretching at our very last stop before arriving at Great Grandmas house.

If I can talk my mom into driving back I'll be hanging out the passenger side window clicking away on the camera. :)

I have a whole bunch of ocean photos to post tomorrow - the kids and I had a blast at our favorite beach today!


Monica said...

oh, ugh I know how that feels! We endured a 14 hour drive for the trip to Wisconsin... and straight through on the way back, with one person driving! It was insane. So I know how those road trips feel! But it'll be so worth it to see family (that's why we went, too). Your travel photography is gorgeous! When I post my photos from the trip (got a few good ones of bridges and in Chattanooga), I'll send you the link. phew that was kind of long... but anyways, thanks for sharing, and I hope you get to snap a few more pictures on the way back! :)

jessica wilson said...

love road trips, dislike long stretches. i guess one of the perks of being a no-kiddo family is that we can mosey along stopping at our (my) whims. ;)

is that Shasta? love Northern California so much. I think I would try to live there if we didn't have family here in SLO. Such a pretty drive up there, all those trees!