Aug 6, 2011

LakeBay ~ Crate

**eta** I know that the new product collections for Crate haven't shipped yet, so if you're asking yourself about that Denim color I chose for this color combo, here's my idea to remedy this conundrum. The Denim, is only a shade, don't worry about the teture! For this challenge I'll allow any shade of Denim that you'd like to use. Check out this color chart for lot's of denimy (is that even a word?) blue shades!

If you have time to scrapbook this next week, I posted my Color Challenge on the Crate Paper blog yesterday. Have I mentioned that the winner from this challenge gets to choose a any Crate collection as a prize? Not too shabby right? If I were to win, at my own challenge, it would be a toss up between the new Random Collection (which is so totally me!) or the Portrait
Collection. :)

This month's color combo is called "The Lakebay House." This actually wasn't my first choice for a color combo for the month, I had a different combo picked out and my finicky taste changed at the last moment and I went with Lakebay instead. Turns out though, this was the much better choice! I hope everyone likes it as much as I did!!!

I also had time to make a mini of little Chase! Just like this mini I chose a subject and took a series of photos to use. It's a simple idea for an album! The fabric pages are fabric swatches, (I scored an entire book of swatches from a local upholstery fabric store!) and the fabric tabs at the top of each page are from Home Depot.

Do you any crafty plans for the weekend? I'm going to try and spend a little time scrapbooking this afternoon and I'll be trying out a new coffee cake recipe sometime today. I don't think there could be a better way to spend a Saturday!! Happy creating!


Fan(nie) de scrap said...

Love these LO!! Funny and terrific!!!!

Jill said...

I always look forward to your scrappy shares! You have such a gift for tweaking product.

Donna Cartagena said...

What a fabulous idea -- I love it ! And lucky you to score that book of swatches .. now I need to check out some stores in my area . I want one !

Grethe said...

Love your work!!!

Jackie said...

definitely lovin' this challenge! my only concern - where am i supposed to find "denim" paper? any suggestions tara? ps- totally looking forward to receiving my garland! :)

clouds shadler said...

oh my goodness, yer lil boy is adorable! lovely mini album with fabric and amazing colors! you inspire me!

C :)

Araya said...

Wow, beautiful!