Nov 12, 2011

8 things I love: Saturday

I'm taking a little break this afternoon to post my outfit of the week! The closer to winter we get, the more excited I am about jackets! My Grandmother gave me a few of her winter coats, the old wool ones with the fur collars. I am so determined to wear them this winter and even if doesn't get the cold here, I'm going to take the chance of being overly dressed and wear them anyway! :) So, this weeks '8 things' is Grandma inspired!

winter weekend

1. comfy knitted sweater
2. wool coat
3. dark straight leg jeans
4. big knitted scarf
5. fuzzy ear muffs
6. leather tote bag (I love anything in an eggplant color!)
7. printed gloves
8. brown riding boots
+ 1. a pine scented candle from Bath and Body Works because cactus' don't smell very holiday-ish!

and...... I'm working on an update for my Etsy shop! I'm so excited about this too because it's just in time for Christmas. I've put together 3 different Holiday/Christmas kits; Peppermint, Sugar Plum and Sleigh Ride. Each kit has handmade paper stickers, vintage bits and bobs, garlands, snowflakes and layers of paper. I made an extra kit for me so I can play along this December too!

{I took these with my phone today. I'll be added some much better photos on Monday as I get each kit all packaged up!)

alright, I'm off to get some more sewing done! Enjoy your weekend!

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