Nov 14, 2011

just another Monday

I came home this afternoon in a great mood, I had after all, just found the most beautiful vintage red coat while at an antique store earlier this morning. (I've already asked Peter to take me on an afternoon date up North so that I can wear it!) I was all ready to get to work and start photographing when..... I got a phone call.

Our neighbors 15 yr. old son was having an eye-brow emergency and who's the first person you call in a situation like that? Well apparently, me. So, after making an eye-brow house call and trying to calm down a teenager, I had lost the best light of the day and my mojo was a little wiped out. (If you're wondering how I went from a red coat with a gorgeous fox fur trim to teenage eyebrows, I can only say that my life is completely random and you got to move fast to keep up!) Can I just say now, that no one could pay me enough to be a teenager again. Remember when something as simple as eyebrows could be the deal breaker to your popularity in high school?
No thank you.

I did take a few photos though. I'm in the process of packaging everything now. I'll be wrapping up the smaller kits tonight. Everything is pretty and layered and a tiny bit sparkly. I love the packaging process!

I'm hoping to start taking photos again tomorrow.... that is if I don't get another phone call. :)


Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

The sneak peak is super pretty, though, even if you did lose your mojo. Teens and their eyebrows, eek! I had a friend who once upon a time plucked hers near to death and they took years to grow back!

Hilary said...

I just love that second picture. Your work is so inspirational!

x Hilary

Leah said... do have great eyebrows! and you must be one awesome neighbor!