Jul 7, 2010

this one's for Julie

(Yosemite Valley, Upper Yosemite Falls)

Julie, one of my favorite blog readers, is traveling to Yosemite this month and while reading her question about possible recommendations, it made me smile and then run to find my old photos of Yosemite!

(**Disclaimer Time**) I took these photographs when I was 14 years old in July, that was 14 years ago... try to not laugh*** ok, carry on)

Just the thought of Yosemite brings back memories of childhood summers spent playing in the Merced River with my 2 sisters, hiking with my best girlfriend, feeding the Mule Deer that frequent the campgrounds each morning (conveniently at breakfast time), and a picture perfect Valley with meadows of green grass, soaring mountain ranges and cascading waterfalls. Yosemite National Park is a true American treasure and if ever you get the chance to visit, the natural beauty of the park is sure to astound and inspire you.

(Vernal Falls and trail)

Here's my list of places and things I would do in Yosemite:

1. visit the Ahwahnee Hotel (if I wasn't already a guest staying there ;))
2. hike Vernal Falls and then continue to hike up to Nevada Falls
3. take a drive to Crane Flats to see the Giant Sequoias or to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias
4. spend some time floating down the Merced River
5. take the trail to Lower Yosemite Falls
6. visit Mono Lake
7. participate in a 'Night Hike/Flash Light Tour'
8. take a workshop on Ansel Adams photography
9. hike Bridalveil Falls
10. take as many photos as my memory cards will allow :)

(Nevada Falls)

(Standing on the bridge at the top of Nevada Falls looking down)

(forest run off creek)

Ansel Adams, one of my very favorite photographers once said "Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a litter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space."

You can visit Ansel Adams website here to see his beautiful photos of Yosemite and of other National Parks throughout America.
and here's a short video about the park:

Of course, me being a native Californian for so long, I would be likely to say that Northern California could warrant it's own vacation. Places like Auburn, Nevada City and Grass Valley are incredible old mining towns, Napa and Yountville are artsy and upscale, Santa Rosa is just beautiful, San Francisco... has everything and then there's the little town of Vacaville where I'm from! :)) Nor Cal is definitely the place to be!


Christine said...

wow, wow, wow, those photos are stunning! One day!

Meghann Andrew said...

Wow, it is awesome that you posted this today, as I'm busy planning our vaca next month to San Fran, Napa & Yosemite! Thanks for the tips about what to see in Yosemite! I'm so excited!

Unknown said...

Wow....THANK YOU so very much Tara!!! I love the picutres and appreciate the recommendations!!! I was already looking forward to our trip but now I can't wait!!! Thanks for taking time out of your creative life. It is very much appreciated!!! I look forward to seeing what your crafty little hands are up to. I will be thinking of you....Julie

Kateyed said...

It's a wonderful place. Thank you for the shots, Tara, and have a wonderful time, Julie!


Danielle said...

OMG those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!! It's great that you still have those photos ~ they are priceless and make you think of great childhood memories....those are the bestest ever!!!

Dana Gustafson said...

Are we related? Ha ha! I grew up in Petaluma and still live around here and when you started talking northern cali...yosemite....santa rosa?!!! We meet so many amazing people all over blog-land from all kinds of places but there is something extra special about someone who knos your very own stomping grounds :) Thanks for posting these wonderful yosemite photos (I need to dig mine out from 8th grade field trip!).

Your blog is amazing and so creative! Hugs to you , girl! and be well...