Sep 8, 2010

just waiting...

That has certainly been the theme this summer! I'm waiting to go to the hospital this morning, just another 45 minutes and we'll be on our way. I just wanted to drop in and say that I wasn't able to catch up on emails. :( I was so proud of myself for finishing all of my actual deadlines last week, and but inbox is quite another story.

So, if you're waiting for an email from me, I hopefully will be getting back to you with the next 2 weeks. (I have some considerable amount of time to rest and not do to much after today. :))

Here goes nothing, wish me luck! The first set of path reports will be back before I wake up from the anesthesia, and I have my fingers crossed!

ps. If you haven't made an apt. for your annual gyne exam, and are over-due... what are you waiting for? *gentle hint followed by a small push to your phone* :)

Sep 7, 2010

Monday Road Trip

Tomorrow is my big day. I've been a bit anxious about this surgery and trying to prepare emotionally has been my biggest obstacle. So to try and ease my stress level slightly, Peter and I decided to take advantage of having people here to babysit for us, (the grandparents) and head North to Sedona. I'm sure most of you know my love for Sedona!! :)

This was also the perfect opportunity to take my favorite vintage camera along with us. (This is one of my most asked questions, these photos are not photoshopped. They are true TTV photos. I use my digital Nikon to shoot through the view finder of the Anscoflex.) I'll admit I do look rather silly taking these photos, and I only had 3 people come up to me to ask what I was doing yesterday, but the end results are well worth it!

We had breakfast at Tlaquepaque, and because it was a holiday yesterday the center was empty, perfect for taking lots of photos! Peter and I spent some time at our favorite fishing hole, and then went hiking through an area called Slide Rock. Sedona is also reffered to as "red rock country," and the rocks really are a beautiful shade a terra cotta. All in all, a very nice and relaxing day spent with my sweety sweetheart and exactly the escape I needed! Hope you enjoyed the photos from our little day-trip yesterday!