about me

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I'm Tara,
a mom to Alaina & Chase
a wife to Peter
a list maker
a note taker
a menu planner
a creator of pretty layered things
a collector of vintage sewing notions
a chronic picture taker
a constant dreamer
a 'follow your heart and see where it leads you' girl
a believer in fate
a doggy mom
a good paper connoisseur
a sometimes fabric hoarder (only if they are really pretty!)
a creative cook
a bad dancer (but it doesn't stop me)
a lover of vacuuming
a listener of really loud music
a forever creative soul
and a life artist

This blog is my creative after-hours escape. A place to share photos, my latest craft projects, my weekly menu outlines and an occasional music video. Thanks so much for popping in!!

and a little something fun - my favorite types of bios are a 'random about me list.' It's always fun reading everyone's randomness!! here's mine:

10 completely random things about me:

1. I met my best friend, 8 years ago, online. She was looking for a book that I happened to have, so I left a comment on her blog and since then we've been talking with one another everyday. 

2. I don't own any socks. I live in the desert, it's usually too warm here for socks and I just despise them. If I must wear socks, I'll borrow them from my husband.  

3. I've lived in 5 states. Washington, Alabama, California, Hawaii and Arizona

4. Instead of an apple a-day, I have a tomato a-day

5. My idea of a wild & crazy Saturday night is a game of Bingo and a piece of raspberry cheesecake with the family. (family Bingo night can get a little intense. :))

6. In the back of my closet, hanging next to a couple of pretty black dresses, is my Letterman's jacket from high school. The last reminder of my time as an athlete.

7. I've been married for almost 10 years, and yet I still have 2 subscriptions to wedding magazines. They're so pretty, I can't help myself.

8. I started scrapbooking because I had lot's of photos of Alaina and wanted to mix them with paper and art.

9. I'm a total jeans & t-shirt mom

10. I have a long time fear of frogs, accidently step on one barefoot as a teen, it was an ACCIDENT! Since then, I don't even want to look at one.