Jun 28, 2010

Guest Artist for the week

I am guest #193 at Pencil Lines Sketches this week! :)) and the design team at Pencil Lines did such a pretty job with my sketch! If you get a chance to visit their site, you can also download the sketch and save it for later!!

I had alot of fun with the actual making of this page, but you say the word 'sketch' and my mind goes blank. It took me
- f o r e v e r - to finally decide on a layout/sketch, as in about a week. I've learned to just embrace my turtle-ish scrapbooking speed. There's no sense in trying to change now!!

I also did this past week's challenge on entreARTistes Magazine blog. There's something so pretty and chic about a pink-kraft and white color combination. I'm not going to lie, the sewing part of this layout did take up a considerable amount of time but I think it was worth it. I find hand sewing kind of like therapy, it doesn't require much thought, just simple and fun. :)

Lot's of scrapbooking and sewing took place in my little studio these past few weeks. It's been a wonderful distraction and if all goes well, I'll be a guest- artist for a few more places this summer. I've decided there is not much that pretty paper and fabric can't fix!

Jun 27, 2010

color combo. #5

*I cheated a little and did this weeks challenge last week... so sneaky :))*

I've decided sleepovers at my age are just plain exhausting! My 17yr. old niece came over a couple of weekends ago to spend the night at our house and I tried my best to stay up late talking with her.... but I'm just not that young anymore! I need my beauty rest! :)) So I went to bed, and apparently she stayed up a few more hours reading. Makenzie travels with a small personal library of books and magazines. So this weeks Color Combo. is dedicated to Makenzie!!

I knew that I wanted to find a Juicy Couture ad for this project. The colors are always bold and bright and just perfect for a teenage girl!
The inspiration:

The color combination:

black - white - tangerine orange - watermelon pink

I decided to make a little handmade bookmark for Makenzie, something quick and simple to make but also practical for any book-lover. My bookmark is made from all fabric scraps, but paper scraps would make a lovely book mark as well!

I'm thinking of doing a scrapbook challenge for next weeks color combo. Maybe some inspiration and a little challenge? It could be fun! I'll post some more details tomorrow as I think of them!

Jun 26, 2010

where to start?

** I first want to thank every one for the phone calls and emails. Peter has tried to respond to alot of them, but I'll get back to everyone.... it might take a little longer for me but I'll get around to it! **

I've really struggled with the idea of sharing anything more personal on this blog, other than art/scrapbooking stuff. After all, we all go through rough spots in our lives, and we all have our difficulties, I'm just not sure if I want to put mine all out there. But I keep going back to the idea that knowledge can only make us stronger and nothing is more important than your own health and then there's the point that this is my blog and I can talk about anything I find fitting.

These past 6 weeks have been a challenge, overwhelming most of the time, and completely draining emotionally. Which has been the likely cause of my nonexistent energy level and the constant need to want to sleep day and night. My surgery went well on Thursday and now we wait for more pathology reports. I think waiting for test results has been the worst part.

This post was actually Dr. Y's idea. Right before we headed in for Thursday's procedure at the cancer center, he told Peter and I, that I now have the job of convincing 10 women to make their yearly gynecological exam (pap-smear). We talked briefly about cervical cancer statistics among young women and the importance of early detection through pap-smears. Then I thought about my little blog and the amount of women who pop in occasionally to read and both Peter and I felt like if even just one woman calls to make a check-up apt. with her dr. then it was worth sharing my experience.

I kind of feel like I'm in the middle of a long confusing movie, and I'm just waiting for the ending to become more clear so that I can share the whole story. So, I'll wait and rest a few more days until the next set of results are in, and then I'll be back to talk a little more.

Jun 23, 2010

passing time...

Less than 12 hours from now, I will be at the Virginia Piper cancer center being prepped for surgery and I'm crazy nervous. 28 hasn't been the year I had planned for or expected, but I'll just continue to move forward... find new things to do, and fill my time with anything meaningful. I'll update my blog later this weekend. Just wanted to pop in and leave a positive song/video to watch. :)) wish me luck tomorrow!

Jun 21, 2010

picnic time..

not anymore, because it's hot as blazes out there. But, back in April, when the desert here in AZ was beautiful and breezy, it was picnic time! I found a lovely old lilac quilt at a thrift store this winter, and I couldn't wait to pack everyone up and head to the park.

*if you're local, this is the park at Anthem. It actually has green grass! :)) and don't forget to bring some bread, they have duck ponds throughout the park!!*

Jun 19, 2010

Saturday Color Combo #4

Teal, in any shade has always been a favorite of mine! Mix in some yellow and we have perfection!! Since the past weeks color combinations have been a wee bit on the girly side, (would we expect anything less from a blog called the pink couch!!) I decided to pull out a boyish color combo for this week!! Because next weeks Color Combo will be just a little late, I've added a sketch for this week. (Hopefully that will make up for my tardiness!)

the colors:

walnut brown - sandy cream - golden yellow - teal blue

the inspiration:

*the sketch:

and the LO I made with photo's of the little guy. I've decided he doesn't get alot of spotlight, so this weeks color choices were made with him in mind. :)

Happy scrapbooking and crafting this weekend!

Jun 15, 2010

The List

*fact #246 about me: I am a chronic list maker. (Have I mentioned that before?)

So far, my summer plans have fizzled out..... but, it's given me lot's of time to think about what I would do, if I could, and while I was making a mental list, I thought it could be fun to actually have a real list... Yes, I am completely aware that some of my to-do's are not so realistic, but it hasn't stopped me yet from day-dreaming!

Here's the first 25 things-to-do;

1. purchase and learn how to play a steel drum.
2. take kids camping in Yosemite in the summer time
3. teach an art class in Paris
4. create a small series of paintings
5. own a ranch, with horses
6. plan a huge wedding and reception
7. plan a super cute baby shower
8. organize a large benefit for a children's charity
9. host a "Mad Hatter tea party"
10. have an art/photographing book published
11. spend a Fall in New England
12. own a teal & white VW bus
13. tour the castle's in England
14. learn how to crochet
15. learn how to play the cello
16. raise a crow (or an African pie crow)
17. have a patio that resembles a jungle
18. spend one day in each of the Smithsonian's
19. spend one week at the Kahala Mandarin
20. have a year-round fresh bouquet of peonies & tuberose's
21. Take the kids on a summer long road trip up Highway 1
22. learn how to weld
23. complete a 52 week project
24. start playing the piano again
25. photograph the world

Have you thought about all of the things you'd like to do (now or in the future) but haven't? Want to make a list and share?

Jun 12, 2010

Saturday Color Combo #3

I'll be perfectly honest and say this past week has been the longest most challenging week I've experienced in awhile.... At least it's Saturday I suppose... and when the going gets tough, the tough get scrappin'.... or something like that.

For this week, I put together a summery-floral inspired color combination. These colors remind me of my grandma's house in the summer-time, long summer days spent horseback riding and picking blackberries at the edge of the creek. Hopefully these colors will help you make something summer inspired!

The Color Combination:

Black Raspberry - Lilac - Ivory - Honeydew Green

The Inspiration:

and I actually made a LO for this week!

The raspberry color was a bit tricky for me, because I couldn't find the exact color that I wanted. I decided to take white seam binding, and hand-dye it twice to create a rich fuchsia/raspberry color. Then I looped and stitched the seam binding to create a little handmade flower. *Sometimes you have to think outside the box, and use what you have on hand.* Happy crafty Saturday!!

**If you make anything using this weeks color combination, I would love to see your creations! Just leave me a link! **

Jun 9, 2010

getting your mojo back..

One of my favorite blog readers sent me an email last week about feeling less than creative lately, but still wanting to jump in and scrapbook. Which led me to think about: "What do you do when you have a creative block?"

I get asked that question and variations of the same question with every interview I do, and I feel like I always give the same answer. So, this time, instead of just giving the same old answer, I thought I'd elaborate and share some ideas of mine!

Here's my secret to getting over a creative block:

Find something else fun to do! :)) (wasn't that easy! If you can be creative and enjoy the process of creating, you'll be more likely to regain your mojo or creativity and get right back into scrapbooking.... At least, that's how it works for me!)

If you have a limited amount of time, like me, try to choose projects that are quick and simple. I love making anything on a small scale! So here's my list of things that I enjoy making, that don't include any photos and that can be made within about an hour (or during one little boy's afternoon naptime)!

1. create a project: Marble Magnets (made with glass marbles and an interior design magazine.)

2. create a card
3. create a small sign
4. create an ATC
5. make a photo Frame
6. make a set of gift tags
7. make a bookmark
8. create a small canvas collage

I know there's lots of small projects out there, but these are some of my favs! If you're in a sharing kind of mood this evening, what do you do, when you have a creative block?

Jun 5, 2010

Summer Colors

It's Saturday!! and you know what that means.... it's the 2nd edition of Saturday Color Combo's! (I almost feel like I'm hosting a game show here :)) I've been in the mood for some less traditional summer colors, and something that doesn't include pink. So, this weeks colors are:

Lavender - Rich Navy Blue - Khaki - Warm Golden Yellow

Here's my inspiration for this week. I fell in love with the purple/yellow combination with just a touch of coral and the dark blue is a color I don't often use, so it was a fun challenge!

and here's the project: a simple Thank you card & envelope

If you're looking at these colors and the first thought that pops into your head is "but I don't have paper in those colors" never fear! I did the same thing! Here's how I worked around my lack of scrapbook paper.

- I decided to use neutral papers in these colors: lavender, creams, white and yellow

- Pick one color in this combination as an accent color (I usually pick the darkest color like the Blue) Look for something, in your stash of stuff, that can be used as an embellishment; a flower, button, piece of ribbon/lace, or a butterfly....

- build in neutral layers. I used lot's of layering in this card, but I try to keep the layers neutral and here's how. Pick one color (I chose Khaki) and build different layers using lighter shades of Khaki, like creams, taupe's and white.

- You can choose simple accent colors, like the coral shade of eye shadow in the magazine page, that became the thread color that was used to sew "thank you." I also used a shiny gold thread to sew with, that mimicked the gold bracelet in the photo.

don't forget to make an envelope for your card!!

When you look at a magazine page, try to gain inspiration from the entire page, even down to the simplest details! If you make anything using this weeks color combination, I would love to see your creations! Just leave me a link!

Jun 3, 2010

take a class with Celine!

Have you heard about Celine Navarro's online class!! Here's a little info about her class, and you can find more details on her blog!

· a private blog with workshops posted every Tuesday and Friday with exclusive and brand new layouts made by CĂ©line
· new color combos twice a week
· new sketches posted twice a week
· TWO new techniques posted twice a week

· inspirational posts posted every week
· my "soccer" and "non-soccer" thoughts and feelings (always in a funny way)
· what's going on during the World Cup with a different look to it : get to know the countries that participate int he World Cup
· VIDEO tips and techniques!
· access to a FLICKR gallery for you to post your beauties
· TWO live chats where you'll be able to ask your questions
· full supply lists of products used on my projects