Jun 26, 2012

and we have a few winners!

congrats to the following ladies: 

Blogger brooke. said...
I just moved so this summer will basically be spent getting settled into my new city. :

Blogger Viv said...
Ahhhh gorgeous kits, love them by pieces! No travel plans this year...we are having a baby on the way :) But last year we went on honeymoon to Italy....so beautiful!
Thanks for the chance!
Blogger Janna Werner said...
Hellooo Tara,
I adore your projects and love stalking you :-)
I am not sure whether we will be going on vacation this year. If not, I would love to scrap away with this giveaway. If we do, then I would love to scrap away our holiday pictures with this giveaway :-) See, there is no reason to not use any of those supplies ;-)
Hugs and thanks

Please send along your contact info. to me at rosas07@msn.com so I can get some scrappy packages off into the mail! 
and because you can't have a post without a photo! 

Jun 25, 2012

travel pages


Hi! Just popping in today to say hi and to post the photos of my travel book! It's only a 6x6 mini, so these pages are small and layered with lots of paper! I have a couple more ideas of things to add to it but will have to wait until I return home. I may end up adding some white paint to a couple of the pages, some of them don't look completely finished to me. :) 

So, here they are. I only photographed 16 of the pages but I promise to rephotograph the entire book once it's completed and filled with vacation photos! 

There are lots of inserts throughout this book, transparencies, envelopes, bingo cards, flash cards and I plan to add 4x6 photos as well as a few post cards!

I'll be back tomorrow to choose a winner from the giveaway below! 

Jun 22, 2012

On my Desk - Giveaway

Hello and happy Friday! Chase and I have been out running errands  all morning and we came back to the house just to get this post up! I was sorting through some supplies last week to make myself a little to-go scrapbook kit for the road and thought it would be fun to giveaway a few extras! 

 Each kit includes random bits n bobs of this and that - some handmade and some vintage. My personal favorites are the messy fabric/string embellishments, handmade paper stickers and the text book pages! You can't go wrong with vintage fabric, trims and flashcards either, you can incorporate any of these pieces into your mini scrapbooks or even on a layout.  

I have 3 travel kits to give away, just leave a comment below and I'll be back on Tuesday to post 3 lucky winners! **Feel free to tell me about your summer travel plans! I'll be talking alot about mine in the coming week! :)**

 Have a wonderful weekend!! xo ~ Tara

Jun 20, 2012


Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed. 

- Walt Whitman 

I got a little sidetracked this week! I started cleaning in my craft room and once I finished sorting through my junk box I just decided to keep clearing out stuff and organizing what was left over. It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate if you don't sort through it every so often! I've also set a goal for this week and next to go through all of the rooms and find things that can be given away. I want to be able to come home to a clean and organized home next month. I'll be sorting through my closet today and maybe even the bookcase later on but first I need to photograph some mini scrapbook pages!  

and speaking of giving things away! - I'll be doing a little giveaway here on my blog this Friday! 

Jun 15, 2012

on my desk

I'm currently working on a travel journal for our trip next month. I haven't yet decided how I'm going to finish it. I'm sort of on the fence about using this album because I have a few Hambly transparencies that would be lost if I go the post bound route. Decisions, decisions. I've managed to make 24 pages in about 2 afternoons, they are only 6x6 pages but I love how quickly mini's can come together! 
 I went with a very neutral collage theme for each page. Lots of small papers layered and sewn together to make a base for our photos. I used mostly repurposed paper scraps with just a little actual scrapbook paper mixed in. My goal was to keep all of the pages as flat as possible which meant only paper could be used. If you're familiar with my style of scrapbooking, you could probably guess that it was a tad bit challenging for me... I love using embellishments! 

I'll share the photos of each page later on... I think I'll photograph it before I add photos to each of the pages and then re-photograph it after our vacation. :) It's probably one of my more favorite minis that I've made! So that's what I'm working on right now - what's on your desk?

Jun 13, 2012


Without music life would be a mistake.

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

(I'm going to try something new for Wednesdays, just a simple photo and a found quote to accompany it. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it going! Oh, and I purchased a vintage piano last week, it's beyond lovely!) 

Jun 12, 2012

all wrapped

I realize it's a bit late being that we're almost 2 weeks into June but better late than not 
at all! Almost as much fun as my color challenge posts for Crate Paper, my gift-wrap posts are becoming an anticipated favorite of mine. I have one more post for June and then we take off the month of July for CHA and I get to spend the month in California! 

Speaking of which, I took Chase with me today to run a few errands and I wanted to pop into a Goodwill to look for a few books to take along with me on the trip. (2 hour plane ride, each way and an 8 hr. car trip up to the Oregon house.) I didn't find any new books but Chase on the other hand found all sorts of perfectly random treasures. 

Goodwill: the only store you can go into looking for something specific (books) and walk out with a pink miniature plastic grocery cart and green maracas. 

Oh well, we had fun though and Chase is currently running through the house happily pushing along his little pink shopping cart. :) I'm going to start organizing some stuff for our trip, making lists, and starting to plan out our vacation. I'm so excited, July can't come fast enough!   

Jun 10, 2012

to the zoo.

'As we go walking through the zoo
This is what we'll see,
Elephants and hippos
And Monkeys in a tree
Tigers roaring loudly,
Giraffes who stand so high,
Dolphins swimming freely,
and parrots in the sky
So let's all go walking, 
Having fun the whole day through, 
As we go on our field trip, 
To the friendly city zoo.'

author - Beverly Qualheim

and the 2 cutest zoo kids! They had been begging us to take them to the zoo and we lucked out and had one weekend where it wasn't blazing hot. So, off to the zoo we went! They had a great time too. We came home with 2 new zebra hats and enough cotton candy to feed the neighborhood. :) 

Jun 9, 2012

pink, pink, pink

What are you doing this week... or even next week? I ask because my color challenge for June is now posted! I think it's one of my favorite posts I've done for Crate (and I've been with them for 17 months now!) - I loved the color combination, it's super easy to work with and I was excited to be able to use Crate's new baby girl line: Little Bo Peep. 

I'm calling this color palette- '50 Shades of Pink'  I created 5 quick projects for an upcoming baby shower, the details and tons of photos are of course on the Crate blog. If you get a chance this month, pop over to the blog, check out the rules for entering and then send me your projects!! I'm hoping everyone has as much fun as I did playing with this combination!