May 30, 2012

I'll pass on May,

I've decided something this week. From now on, I will be issuing myself a free pass from blogging for the entire month of May... starting next year. This month was impossibly hectic. To be point of just being silly ridiculous. I honestly don't remember feeling this way about previous May's but who knows, maybe I have experienced that overwhelming sense of mental and physical overload each evening and I'm just not remembering it accurately. Don't let me fool you though, I've been having a great time keeping up with a full schedule however with little time to spare in the day it doesn't leave room for any other daunting tasks: like blogging.

This month I've:
- taken a road trip up to Sedona
- gone to the zoo
- went to 3 birthday parties
- had Grandma & Grandpa visit
- watched Chase graduate from his 1st year of preschool
- had a Mother's Day tea party at Chase's school
- went to Mother's Day brunch with my fav. neighbor
- attended a wedding
- went to Alaina's school play
- attended Alaina's end of school party
- watched Alaina graduate from the 2nd grade
- hosted a # of play dates (too many to keep up with) 
- hosted a snow-cone party
- spent endless hours on the phone helping a friend
- started my running routine again
- stocked up on summer reading books
- spent one afternoon shopping for old records ( and I found some really awesome ones!) 
- made a couple of new projects for Crate Paper

and if it weren't for our homes air-conditioner deciding it was done working yesterday morning, I probably  wouldn't be sitting here typing this post right now. Here I sit, somewhat patiently (only because my kids are right beside me analyzing my every facial expression) waiting for the repair man to show and offer some relief from the stale air that surrounds us on the 1st floor of this house and blogging is the one thing that doesn't require any physical exertion. No air-conditioning has forced me to slow my schedule.... maybe a blessing in some uncomfortably hot disguise? possibly. 

I've also started writing letters to my sister who is finishing her 1st month in boot camp at Fort Jackson, SC. I have to say, it's incredibly surreal to be writing to someone I actually know again. For years now, I think Alaina was 2 when we started, I've been sending letters over-seas to deployed troops. I love the website Any Soldier and if you have any time this summer or at all throughout the year, please look into writing letters or postcards for deployed soldiers as I know it helps in aiding morale. When I was in highschool, it seemed like the months following the release of school I added one more person to my list of those to write to. We lived in a small town next to another small military town where military was a way of life. I was use to writing long letters in those days, filling my newly departed friends in on life outside the compounds of a military boot camp. But now, it's my little sister and my protective big-sister instincts kick in and want to help when I know she's struggling to cope with the immediate circumstances that come with such a life changing career path. (She holds multiple statistics and various other math degrees and has only ever wanted to be a teacher.) My sister is strong and incredibly intelligent, she'll make it through no doubt, as countless others have before her, but I know a letter goes along way in lifting someones spirit that is temporarily threatened. Surreal indeed.

I don't know if this post requires photos, Lord knows I have taken hundreds this month but I'll leave you with one from our hike up in Sedona. I know I say it all the time but seriously add this location to your bucket list. It never disappoints no matter what season I go up for, it's natural beauty is unlike any other place I've visited. 

I have a couple of projects for Crate that I should update and my 'It's a Wrap' post is right around the corner, this Friday infact! Lot's to do and it's only the 1st week official week of summer vacation! 

xo - Tara

May 1, 2012

1 Birthday, 5 gift tags

As I get older, I've become much more aware of how fast time goes by and that each day should deserve to be celebrated. I think birthdays (no matter how old or young you are turning) are cause for a grand celebration of whimsical proportions. My very good friend Erica is turning 30 this weekend and I wanted to create something pretty for her birthday gift. Actually, the gift itself isn't overwhelmingly spectacular but add a little color and texture and I think we are ready for the party on Saturday! 

I also used Erica's b-day as an opportunity to walk through my thought process on Birthday Gift wrap for my  'It's a Wrap' post over at Crate. Erica is my crafting buddy and during the holidays we listen to nothing but my record player and my awesome collection of vintage vinyl records. It was time Erica had her own record player, so I tied in some little music details (music flashcard, and tag) to compliment her gift and carry the music theme throughout. 

The box itself is rather large and when wrapped up in simple white paper was a tad bit ordinary. I created a pom-pom for the top, which started off much larger and then I snipped and trimmed it down to size, in a really pretty coral color. - It's the centerpiece of the entire gift! Plus, I just love coral and light grey together! 

I also created a messy little bungle of tags. Originally, I has planned on making a lacy card but the idea of multiple tags won out. 

Paired with a frayed tassel and a little envelope full of colorful confetti, Erica's stack of Crate tags was complete! 

I think making fabric tassels could be my next favorite thing and you can't just make one! I'm also doing a Pretty Party prize pack giveaway on the Crate Paper blog ~ because honestly what would a post on birthdays be without a giveaway? If you get a chance before Thursday night pop in and leave a comment!  xo ~T