Apr 30, 2012

Home Tour- Chase's Room

Little Chase's bedroom. I love his room and just like his big sisters room I went with an eclectic theme that included all of his favorite things; cars, trains, horses, books, and maps. I'll admit that his room was completed long before Alaian's was finished. Being 3 and a boy, Chase is just.... less fussy about the contents of his bedroom. Give the boy a book and a blankie and he's content! That also meant that I could choose almost anything really and make it work for his space. 

Initially, his room was painted the most horrendous shade of a terra-cotta brownish-orange but with a little help from the husband and 2 coats of primer, his walls were a bright white and a blank canvas!

My favorite part of his room? The bookcase! I was roaming, almost aimlessly one afternoon, around a local estate furniture warehouse when I ran into this 7ft. wood bookcase. It didn't have a price on it, was a tad bit dated and it kind of reminded me of something from 'That 70's Show' - I didn't love it but I could see the possibility for potential. So, I asked for the price just for fun and... wait for it.... wait for it... $39. SOLD! For the price - I'll make it work! So Peter and I lugged the wooden monstrosity upstairs and I filled the shelves with all of Chase's book, a few of his vintage horses and a couple little trinkets here and there.

{the vintage horse bookend also came from the same furniture warehouse! I love going there, I always come home with something random, from old furniture to little figurines!}

As if the 3 large shelves weren't enough space, the bottom cabinets open up to hold more of Chase's toys, puzzles, coloring books and a basket of crayons. His 70's-ish dark bookcase has certainly grown on me! 

In front of his bookcase, I created a little reading area for him with a leather chair found at a garage sale, a basket of board books and a poof for his little footsies. Every evening he comes to the top of the stairs and yells down to me "Mom, can I read a book?" He really is such an easy going little guy!

Next to the book case we put up this white plaster head of I think an English Pointer (could be German?) Chase really loves dogs and it seemed like a good fit for his room. Then the kids were playing one night and an old black & gold sombrero somehow ended up on his head and it just stuck. Peter says "that's ridiculous" and it kind of is! Which is probably why the kids think it's so amusing!  

As for the rest of his room, it's fairly simple and not quite as interesting as a hunting dog wearing a sombrero but Chase seems to really like his new bedroom! 

The dresser was actually found at the same furniture store as his bookcase - what luck I have at that place! I'm almost a tad embarrassed to say it, but the ladies that run the front desk there know me by name. *blush* However I've come to look forward to being greeted as Ms. Anderson when I walk through the doors there. (Sometimes you forget that you had a name other than Mom, Mommy, Mama.) Back to the dresser - I've had a difficult time tracking down dressers that are large enough for all of the kids' clothes without being too tall. So finding one with 6 draws was a step in the right direction, plus because it was previously used it was at a great price! Can't beat that! 

Peter and I both really enjoy antiquing, when we met he had a great collection of Antique mirrors and I'm a big collector of hand painted vintage art, we're a match made in thrift store heaven! :) I spent what felt like a really long time arranging and rearranging different combinations of art vs. mirrors in the kids' rooms. The great thing about hanging artwork in a collage grouping is that it can be changed whenever we acquire a new piece.... which tends to be quite often as I'm always on lookout for great little pieces. 

It wouldn't be Chases room without a train set on the floor!

Chase has the larger of the 2 closets but because he's a boy he has less stuff to manage. I keep 3 baskets tucked underneath his bed for his entire car collection, Leap Frog games and overflow toys from the toy box. For being so young, he does a really great job at keeping his room cleaned and organized... I'm guessing this will change as he ages but for right now I'm basking in his rooms tidy glory!

I gave Alaina my girly toys from the 80s (Rainbow Bright & Straw Berry Shortcake anyone?) and Chase has ended up with a few others. Fisher Price toys were always a favorite of mine growing up and I'm happy that this new little generation thinks they're just as cool! 

I think that about does it for Chases room! I'm so happy and relieved that the kids' bedrooms are all finished but more importantly that both are happy in their bedrooms. Feel free to leave me links to your kids' rooms! I love checking out what other mommies have designed for their little ones!
Happy Monday! ~ Tara

Apr 27, 2012

Home Tour: Alaina's room

I finally got around to taking photos of Alaina's room! Her room was a work in progress there for awhile - then again, aren't most kids' bedrooms? My philosophy behind decorating a child's bedroom: no choosing a particular theme. Sure, Alaina likes Tinkerbell this year but 2011 was the year of little kitty cats and next year will most likely be something else. So rather than having to purchase a new 'theme' each year for her bedroom, I came up with an eclectic room that includes all of her favorite things (horses, maps, pink, flowers, elephants.... and the list goes on) but that was a bit more grown up and super functional and if she doesn't like... say elephants next year, we removed and replace them with the new animal of the year. ;) 

Choosing a color palette was first on the list of her room re-do. We decided on a few shades of pink with light blue & coral as our accent colors. The white walls and neutral carpet really made it easy to combine so many colors together! 

We already had the bedroom basics; bed, bookcase, dresser, art work, frames, pillows. nightstand, lamp but Alaina had a few requests of her own too, like extra storage and a dress up area. So really, I was just looking for new bedding, curtains and a large art piece to cover all the existing holes on one wall. I also knew she really wanted a chair for her room (I had already found one for Chase's room) and a poof - we love saying that word! :)  Once I was able to decide on the comforter and rug, her room came together surprisingly fast! 

 You can call me a pillow collector or hoarder, I don't mind because I wear the title proudly! I love accent pillows and am always looking for different fabrics and prints to combine with one another. I loved these casual white brocade pillows paired together with an Indian elephant print linen pillow. Alaina chose the small black lace pillow from Kohl's some time ago ~ she says it's the "final touch" to her bed. 

 This white tiered stand was originally bound for the kids' bathroom but A's red jewelry box fit perfectly on the glass shelf along with some extra picture frames and a small accent lamp.

The blue slipper chair was my last purchase for her room. It wasn't our first choice but the blue in the chair does work really well with the blue in that oversized world map and I really do like the pattern. 

This little wooden side table holds a box of A's craft supplies; markers, colored pencils scissors and inside the cabinet is her extra drawing paper. Chase tends to help himself to her art stuff while she's away at school   but he's always quick to show her what he created with her markers! 


I let Alaina choose some of the new art pieces, which explains the LOL. She has the same eclectic taste that I do... almost. Both the elephant and parasol on top of her bookcase were recent antique store finds as well as the cute little parakeet music figurine! 

I really wanted to find a couple of floor pillows for her room, her and her friends spend alot of time sitting on the floor playing barbies or singing on the karaoke machine - I might just have a future singer living under my roof ! I found 2 Amy Butler Euro Pillow cases and you can't really go wrong with Amy Butler! Turns out I adore her fabric as much as I love her scrapbook paper! and the best part? They were reduced to just $2.99 each! 

The map canvas ended up being the focal point of her room and it's pretty impressive! I think it measures somewhere around 7ft. wide and 5 ft. in height. Both kids love maps and globes and with the vintage globe collection downstairs, I liked that we were able to carry the map trend throughout the house.

Oh! Almost forgot, - Alaina's closet! She's at that age (7) where she's becoming increasingly more aware of how her friends see her and her stuff. I've noticed more lately, especially since we've moved into the new house, that she's hidden some of her toys away when her friends have visited. She's not quite ready to let go of her Strawberry Shortcake dolls or the My Little Pony collection (really, can you blame her!- ode to the 80's :)) but she also doesn't want her friends to see them in her toybox. So, I've put my hat-box collection to good use in one half of her closet. Each hat box stores a different play/toy set inconspicuously hidden away and yet still accessible in case she wants to play. I've also made sure to create the dress up area that she wanted complete with an old vintage suitcase filled with fairy wands and princess tiaras.

So, there's Miss A's room! Thanks for taking a look and I'll be back to share the photos of Chases room this weekend. His little room is much like Alainas only little boyish and overflowing with matchbox cars. Have a wonderful Friday! 

Apr 17, 2012

what's for dinner!

My little guy is home sick today, so while he naps quietly on the couch it gives me a chance to play with some ideas for this week's menu outline. I'll admit after a week of being sick myself and spending much of last week in bed, I'm kind of looking forward to cooking and getting this week's menu sorted out! 

(there's nothing better than Greek yogurt and Granola for breakfast!}

Tuesday: Grilled Turkey Panni's w/ Spicy Tomato soup

Wednesday: Chicken and Vegetable Stir-fry Bowls, fruit and steamed Edamame

Thursday: Turkey Meatballs w/ Brown Rice, Sauteed Peas, salad, fruit

Friday: Fish Tacos, baked nachos, 3 bean salad, watermelon

Saturday: Breakfast Night! French Toast Skewers w/ fruit & Chicken Pineapple Sausage

Sunday: we're hosting a bbq at our house for 3 other families!

appetizers:  Pumpkin Dip w/ Apples & Gingerbread Crisps, hot Artichoke Dip w/ Pita chips, Mango Guacamole w/ tortilla chips
dinner:  Southwest Chicken Pasta Salad, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Grilled Bratwursts, Grandmas Baked Beans, Heirloom Tomato Salad, Fruit salad, Coleslaw, mini Grilled Cheese skewers & Vegetable cups (for the kids)
dessert: Strawberry - Angel Food Cake w/ maple whipped cream
drinks: Pomegranate Orange Punch, Cucumber Strawberry Water (I'll let Peter handle the beer and wine portion ;)

So, I think that about does it... unless of course I think of something else to add to Sunday's menu! Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!

Apr 14, 2012

8 things I love- Saturday

summer white

In a very un-Arizona way, it's freezing here today! So in an ode to our typical 90+ degree weather for April, I'm going ahead and posting my summer tribute to white. Not that I enjoy our summers much but I do look forward to finding the perfect fitting white linen pants for the season! There's something about wearing white that reminds me of the beach or evenings on the island - casual and yet still very pretty!

Apr 11, 2012

home tour - Sitting Room

One of my requests back when looking for a new home was to have a sitting/family room seperate from the living/tv room. I'm all for having a tv, I just don't particularly care for the noise. I also don't care for walking into a home and the first room you see is the room that includes a tv. So, when I walked into this home and the first room was this long narrow room with amazing light pouring in from 12ft windows - I saw potential!

the details of this room: Sand colored walls, white accent wall and trims, Italian tile flooring - over all very neutral palette to work with! 

 Because this is the front room, I needed a room that could not only withstand the little kids/dogs who run through it daily to go outside but could also be a functional reading/music room for me and was easy enough to tidy-up when last minute guests want to come over. Since the bookcase was the busiest piece in the room, I tried to keep everything else simple with clean lines and accessories to a minimum. 

 Oh and no, I don't typically have anything hanging off of the rams head or even hanging next to Bob's head. (The kids named him Bob?) I was however taking the photos for Crate the same day I took the photos of this room and it wasn't until I saw the photos that I noticed everything still there. opps! :)

Peter gave me this great antique bookcase on one of our first few dates. I've always loved the idea of having a bookcase in every room but this bookcase really is my favorite because he gave it to me. So sweet!

Our vintage globe collection, originally bound for Chase's room, made a slight detour and ended up on the top of my bookcase It does make for an interesting collection and the kids and I have alot of fun searching thrift stores to add the grouping!  

This tiny side table was a DIY project. I picked it up at a hotel-furniture warehouse but in it's original dark gold color it barely deserved a second glance. A little sanding, 2 coats of high-gloss white paint, 1 coat of laquer and a glass table top turned this little eye-sore into a pretty bright white side table, perfect for holding extra magazines. (It's also a good contrast to those emerald green slipper chairs!)

Yes, I have emerald green chairs. It was love at first sight when I discovered these chairs and I was determined to include them in our new house somewhere. When we first moved into the house, I moved these chairs from room to room, upstairs and downstairs trying to find the right fit for them and in the end where they started at is where they ended up, in the sitting room!  

I started with one large rug for this room, but it was a bit too formal, it was however a perfect fit for the master bedroom. Then I found a pretty ethnic print rug that turned out to be too small for the space but was perfect for Chase's room. Then the idea of a cow-hide rug came up, something that could tolerate alot of foot traffic and I liked the eclectic appeal of it.  It's a Three Little Bears tale! I still think a large neutral jute rug might be fun for this room too! 

The coffee table for this room is actually an oversized ottoman I was able to pick up at an estate sale. I love it because it's super comfortable and during parties I push it back towards the bookcase to open the space up and it doubles as extra seating. I usually have my laptop set up on the table to work in the evenings. I turn on all the lamps, put an old record on and work on Crate Paper posts. :) 

The Sitting Room that doubles as my Music Room: 

This room also boasts 25ft. vaulted ceilings, which to a musician is an acoustic paradise. I've already apologized to our immediate neighbors for any excessive noise I may create while living here but having a room with vaulted ceilings and not putting it to good use, would be the same as having a million dollars and not being able to spend even a dime. It must be done! 

I purposely leave my trumpet out because not only do I like to play everyday, the kids are also welcomed to practice on it. That loud elephant like trumpeting coming from my home is usually Chase as he loves to play! 
We've also set up another music area upstairs in the nook, I have a guitar, clarinet, frenchhorn and a pair of African drums sitting out up there in the hopes that it will encourage the kids to practice whenever they'd like.

I found this great little side table at World Market, the bottom shelf is perfect for housing my record player and my trumpet is a good fit on top. I've also come to realized that with as much natural in-direct light that this room receives my orchids seem to thrive in front of the windows!

I still have a wish list of a few more things for this room; small display table, another rug, an Indian inspired mirror and a bench to tuck under the entry way table for extra seating but for now the room functions just as I had hoped it would! 
Thanks for checking it out!