Aug 4, 2012

color challenge & travel pages

My color challenges are back on track over on the Crate blog! I took off the month of July with them, due to all of the CHA excitement and the release of 3 new collections. But now it's August and the commotion has settled enough that the blog has returned to it's regularly scheduled events! If you have time and  like the color-combination I've put together this month come on over and join in! I give away a collection of products every month to the winner of my color challenge! Pretty enticing right? 

I've broke ground on filling up my travel journal! Here's the first couple of pages and a journaling entry.

In other news, I spend last week tracking down a few things my sister requested we send her asap. It's amazing the amount of stuff we take for granted because it's readily available to us. Alaina and I made a care package and Dana at the last minute asked us to find her a fan because the base that she's currently at, in the South, doesn't have air-conditioning. So, being the good sister I  am, I somehow managed to make a fan fit along side everything else we were sending her and I certainly took advantage of the Post Offices' motto of 'if it fits', it ships.' 

I love care packages. Dana use to send me the most elaborate boxes stuffed full of fun random little things while I was living in Hawaii. Now it's my turn to return the favor. I can't wait until Christmas, I've been keeping a mental list of items to purchase and send her. :)

This is the last weekend before the kids go back to school! The summer went by fast, at least I think so, and  now the kids are anxious to see their new teachers and reunite with their friends. I think one last family outing is in order for Monday and then back to school nights, Parents Day, and the first 2 days of school take up the rest of next week.  Welcome back all too busy school schedules! 

Aug 2, 2012

paper and photos and Crate

I'm around I promise. Just busy trying to get back into the swing of things on the home front which is taking longer than usual this time! I'm currently preparing a post for Crate Paper set to publish in the am, so I'll be back to update this place some time tomorrow. In the mean time check out Crate's blog tomorrow for my Color Combination challenge - it's oh-so summery this month!